Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Mommy is coming home

Mommy is coming home on Thursday.  I can't wait!  I only have two more sleeps before I will be with Mommy.  I will get Mommy to type for me so I can bark about my adventures at the kennel.

Mommy and I will have 1.5 weeks together at home before she goes back to work.  She is going to take me to the vet to get my teeth cleaned next week.  Other then that we will have lots of fun together.

I am now going to bed so Thursday will come sooner.......


  1. Yay for your Momma coming home!!!

  2. AND about time too, aye?? Fancy leaving you while she goes off and has a good time. Hope you get lots of pressies for being such a good Princess while she's been away!!

  3. Glad you and your Mommy will be back together in a furry short time!

    We are surely going to hear a lot of barks...happy ones!

  4. 'Bout time she sprung yu outta that place!

    Yippee, yu get to have yur toofers cleaned on yur vacation.
    Hope yu get sumfin good outta the hole deal.

  5. Yeah, 'bout time! Gud gwief!

    I r gwad yur Mommy habbed a gud baycayshun, doe. Da summer ob 2013 wuz so NOD a gud one fur boff ob yu <3