Sunday, 2 October 2016

Busy Week

My Mommy has not been very good at typing for me.  Mommy was away for work all last week and I stayed at the kennel.  The kennel is just a small place that only has 12 dogs maximum and the peepoles there spend lots of time with us pups.  Mommy says the place is so clean that she feels she could eat off the floor but wouldn't.  

Here is the kennel place

This is a picture from before, all the trees have leaves now.

This is where Mommy spent the week at Niagara on the Lake:

She said she worked every day but I don't know if I believe her.  If you look at the picture it is called a resort.  I wasn't born yesterday!

She admits she went with friends one evening and saw Niagara Falls and went to a Greek Restaurant.

Mommy and I were happy to get home and we were tired.  It was nice sleeping in on the big bed.  This morning Mommy made yummy eggs.  Here I am eating my kibble and eggs:

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Princess Jelly

I have to have a mat to eat my kibble and I won't eat on the floor.  Here is my mat

The blue dish is for my water and the white dish with the little paw prints is for my kibble. 

Tonight Mommy put some canned food on my kibble topped with a few yummy noodles.  I picked through the food and ate all the canned food and noodles.  It resulted in this

Mommy is calling it a mess and says I should clean up my kibble.  That is not a mess!  I know Mommy will clean it up in the morning when she gives me my breakfast kibble.  This pup will not eat crumbs and will not clean up kibble on the floor. Mommy calls me spoiled but I call it being a Princess.

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Storm Warning Jelly

I am not very happy right now.  Why you ask? Because we are having a severe thunderstorm.  Mommy has terrible hearing and I always hear the storm coming way before she does.  She was yapping on the phone when I started to warn her about the storm coming.  She wasn't listening and told the peepole she was talking to that I was bugging her.  I just kept up warning her until she finally understood.  She told the peepole that she thinks I am hearing the thunder.  Yes, yes, yes, she finally got it! It wasn't any too soon because a couple of minutes later Mommy heard the thunder too.  Keeping these peepoles safe sure is a tough job!

Here is a picture from our front door of the rain:

You can see the rain coming down in the lights.

I hope it quits raining before I have to potty again.

I wonder if I can get a job with Environment Canada warning the peepoles about storms?  I will send in my resume......

Friday, 2 September 2016

Long Weekend

I am just so happy because this is a long weekend. It is a super long weekend since Mommy took today off too (Friday). Now we have a four day weekend!  Mommy asked me what I want to do. Oh my dogness I can think of so much to do.  Let's see.....we can sleep in, eat yummies, go for walks, play games, enjoy the backyard, go for a car ride to a park, go to a magic window place (aka fast food drive through) and that is just for starts.  Maybe we can go to some of my favourite stores and buy treats ?  Fun, fun, fun! 

What is that Mommy?  You want to get our regular work done around the house today so we can have three days totally free?  That sounds like fun, I love supervising Mommy doing things!

Here is a picture of me that Mommy took this morning.  She was standing on the deck and I was running around the yard.  You may remember that I barked that we were having a drought this summer.  Our grass was all brown.  In the last couple of weeks it has been raining and our grass is turning green again.  You can still see some of the dead patches in the picture.

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Inspector Jelly and the Raincoat

Here is my worker guy look

This is just perfect for doing my inspections.  A pup has to obey the safety rules and wear her safety vest on the job site.  What is that Mommy?  You want me to tell the real reason I have the safety vest?  Pups, I just told you the real reason.  Mommy thinks it is for my night time outings in the backyard so she can see my little black body in the dark.  Don't believe her, it is my inspector outfit!

I promised Charlie I would show him pictures of me with the hood on my raincoat.  Here I am

I hate anything on my head.  I don't know what power it has but anything on my head makes my legs not work.  I can't walk even one step with something on my head.  This is why I don't wear the hood on my raincoat.

Renovation Update

I didn't bark for a really long.  You can blame Mommy for not typing for me because I am always willing to bark.

During this time we did lots of renovations.  I don't see the point of renovating but I do like barking and supervising the worker guys.  We didn't have big renovations since our house was 9 years old when we bought it 3 years ago. I thought a renovation update would be interesting so you can see the workers guys I got to bark at.

The first thing last fall was a new kitchen floor.  First Mommy started coming home with samples to try. They were big samples and I enjoyed smelling them.  Here is some of the samples

Once she chose what she wanted then the worker guys were here for a full day banging away.  Here is the final product

After the flooring came the gliding shelves.  Now Mommy doesn't have to go down on her hands and knees to get stuff out of the bottom cupboards.  I actually thought it was more fun to have her on her hands and knees so this didn't work out too well for me.  Here are some of the shelves

The next thing was more serious.  Mommy walked under one of the kitchen lights and it came crashing down and just missed her.  Mommy said we were lucky that it didn't land on me or hit her on the head.  This is the light that came crashing down

These are the pieces

So now Mommy decides we will replace all the kitchen lights, oh my dog, here we go! Here are the new lights

I had a good time barking at the electrician guy.  He also installed that wind machine a couple of blogs ago.

Things were quiet for a couple of months and then we got new shingles.  Yep, 12 year old house that needed shingles.  A large number of the houses around here are getting new shingles.  The shingle guys said it was the cheap builder quality shingles that are to blame.  Grrrr...   I had two days of good barking here.  Those worker guys did so much banging that they knocked a clock off the wall and our pictures all needed to be straightened afterwards.  I have no pictures of the shingle event.

Next came the small pressed concrete walkway that I barked about a few blogs ago.  Here it is again

Those worker guys were here three days in a row.  The first day they took out the old walk and were making lots of noise.  Mommy held me up so I could watch through the window for awhile but she didn't take me outside.  They also put up the forms for the concrete.  On the second day a big truck came with concrete and they filled in the forms.  Again Mommy didn't let me outside to supervise and only held me up by the window to watch for a short time.  This was not going good.  On the third day they were back and hosed some powder stuff off the concrete and took away the forms.  Mommy opened the door and I saw my opportunity and I ran straight by Mommy through the door, down the steps , across the new walkway to the grass and started barking like crazy at the worker guys.  I had to make up for the full three days!  Mommy picked me up and put me back in the house.  Grrrr... That serves them right for not letting me go outside.

Last week there were some asphalt guys at our house.  I didn't see anything!  Mommy wasn't even here.  The guys did a repair where the driveway had sunken by the garage. I just heard all the noise.

I think I have some barking days coming next week.  The concrete guy has to come back and seal the new walkway.  The asphalt guys are also suppose to come back and put some sealing stuff on the whole driveway.  Mommy says they might do it when she is at work.  Grrr. I don't like that because I won't get to see anything.

That is it for renovation updates.  Hmmmmm what is the next project......

Raining Today

It is pouring rain today.  At first Mommy and I just laid in bed waiting for it to quit.  It just kept raining so Mommy said I would have to try going out in the rain.  Out came my rain coat and I was ready to go outside and do my potty.  Here I am

We waiting for the rain to slow down and here was our opportunity

The door opened and I ran out.  Even Mommy went out in the rain and she saw me do a pee pee in the rain.  I cam running back up the deck and wanted in.  Here is me shaking or at least a blur of me shaking

Here is wet me but it wasn't too bad because I stayed pretty dry with the rain coat

I am going to have to be on high alert today watching for that bad Notme.  I don't want him coming here and getting me in trouble. He potties in the house when it rains.  Stay away from my house you bad pup!