Sunday, 23 November 2014

This and That

I got home from the kennel a week ago.  Everything was fine at the kennel.  I had to keep the pups in line and supervise the whole place.  I don't know how that place survives when I am not there!  Mommy doesn't think I have to go back to the kennel until the end of January.

Mommy said she had a good time on her Winnipeg trip.  I don't think she could have a good time without me.

Last weekend after we got home Mommy pulled all the flowers out.  They still looked nice but snow was in the forecast so out they came.  Mommy also sectioned off the yard for the winter so now I only get a small section.  Mommy says she doesn't want to worry about me running all over the yard in the winter.  I am only 8 lbs so usually I can walk on top of the snow.  Mommy then has to keep the snow shovelled around the fence so I don't walk over.  She also doesn't like it when I do my poopy on top of a big snow bank and she can't get there to pick it up.  It is boring being confined to a small area but when it is cold I don't want to be out much so it won't be so bad.

This week we got our first blast of winter.  It was cold and snowy.  Mommy liked having the car in the attached garage.  She just walks into the garage, jumps in the car and drives away.  There is no scrapping windows and she doesn't even have to walk in snow.  It is real nice because we have a snow clearing guy too that had the driveway all shovelled when we woke up in the morning.  Right now it is warm outside and most of the snow has melted.  By Monday it is suppose to be up to 15 C (60F) so all the snow should disappear.

That about covers everything here.  

Thursday, 6 November 2014


I am back at the kennel.  Mommy traveled to Winnipeg today and took me to the kennel last night.  There are only two of us at the kennel right now, me and one cute little pug girl.  I know we are going to have a great time playing , going for walks and having treats.  This is the best kennel place that I have ever been too.  

My Mommy is not a morning person so it was hard on her having to get up at 4 am today to get to the airport.  She got delayed in Toronto because the airplane had some fluid leaks.  They had to sit on the tarmac for an hour waiting for the repairs.  She is now in Winnipeg.

I will be at the kennel for a week.  A whole week of fun is in front of me!

Friday, 31 October 2014

My Birthday

It is my Birthday!  I actually have two birthdays.  I will explain.  My litter mates were born on Oct 30th and I was born last and was born on Oct 31.  On my Canadian Kennel Club papers it says my birthday is Oct 30th, there is no option to give pups from the same litter different birthdays.  So I have my CKC birthday on the 30th and my real birthday on the 31st.  This works out well for me because I celebrate both days!  Yesterday on my first birthday I got a special long walk, extra play time outside, lots of extra attention and chicken mixed in my kibble.  Today I celebrated my birthday by helping Mommy hand out Halloween treats.  Isn't it nice that all those kids come to my house every year to celebrate my birthday?  I dressed up like a pumpkin and everyone thought I was cute.  I had 31 kids come to my house this year to celebrate my birthday.

Monday, 13 October 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to every pup.  In Canada it was Thanksgiving on Monday.  I like Thanksgiving because I eat turkey and Mommy is home for a long weekend.  Mommy took Friday off too so she was home for four days.  

We organized our shed, organized the garage and did some organizing in the basement too.  Mommy bought three small sets of shelves and put them together.  One set was for the shed, one for the garage and one for the basement.  We covered the air conditioner for the winter, did laundry, Mommy went grocery shopping and we did house work.  We also did fun stuff.  The weather was real nice so I spend extra time in the yard.  Mommy played games with me and we watched a few movies.  Mommy also made us a Thanksgiving dinner.  She cooked a turkey breast and we had mashed potatoes and all the fixings.  I got to have some turkey, green beans and potato in my kibble.  Yummy!  I even got a taste of pumpkin pie.  Yummy!

It was a real nice four days!

Sunday, 12 October 2014


Today is a very nice sunny day.  Mommy and I are going outside to organize our shed and garage. I will be the supervisor.

I promised my pal Zoe that I would take a picture of my kibbles so she can see the size. Here it is :

This is NOW small breed which is grain free.  I love my food and have no problems with itching or anything.  If the kibble size is too small they also have NOW adult that has bigger kibbles.  I personally prefer the small kibbles.  

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Recent Happenings

I haven't barked in a really long time.  Mommy has been busy working.  She doesn't have to go out of town very often so I haven't been at the kennel since August.  It is wonderful being home all the time.

We finally got the shed installed in the backyard, it made for some real interesting supervising for a few days.  I like running around the shed too.  Here is a picture of me taken today beside the shed:

Mommy also got a backsplash installed in the kitchen.  I had no idea what a backsplash was but I found out!  It is just a bunch of stones glued to the wall.  Peepoles can sure do crazy things sometimes!  I had a couple more real interesting days supervising the glueing of the stones. I doubt you are interested in the stones stuck to the wall but Mommy wants me to show you a picture of it.  Here it is:

We have been having some nice fall weather.  Here is a picture of me taken today guarding my fence line:

Here is another picture of me taken today waiting for my breakfast:

I am a Princess and always have to sit on carpet to eat.

Now I better get going and read your blogs so I can catch up on all the news.

Thursday, 4 September 2014


I haven't barked in forever.  That Mommy of mine is busy at work and doesn't seem to find time to type for me.  It will take me a few entries to catch you pups up on everything.

Right now we have a mystery at my house.  Last Friday when Mommy came home from work there was a little bag on our step with three tomatoes. We have no idea who left it.  Mommy loves toasted tomato sandwiches so she enjoyed those tomatoes.  Then today when she got home there was another little bag with three more tomatoes.  Who is the mystery tomato person?  Thank you Mystery Tomato Person because you make my Mommy happy!  This is a real mystery.........