Sunday, 2 October 2016

Busy Week

My Mommy has not been very good at typing for me.  Mommy was away for work all last week and I stayed at the kennel.  The kennel is just a small place that only has 12 dogs maximum and the peepoles there spend lots of time with us pups.  Mommy says the place is so clean that she feels she could eat off the floor but wouldn't.  

Here is the kennel place

This is a picture from before, all the trees have leaves now.

This is where Mommy spent the week at Niagara on the Lake:

She said she worked every day but I don't know if I believe her.  If you look at the picture it is called a resort.  I wasn't born yesterday!

She admits she went with friends one evening and saw Niagara Falls and went to a Greek Restaurant.

Mommy and I were happy to get home and we were tired.  It was nice sleeping in on the big bed.  This morning Mommy made yummy eggs.  Here I am eating my kibble and eggs:


  1. Oh, yur Mommy is still tryin that ol' story. Wurk?! At a resort! Yeah, rite.
    At least yu are both at home now an' she is cookin yu gud stuff. Yu deserve it, My Pal.

  2. She wanted to let you was a working resort! She had to resort to using work as a coverup...BOL!

    But now you are home together and all is right in your world once again:)

  3. Crikey Jelly .... my secretary hasn't been helping me much lately either so I'm trying to catch up a bit now. I'm sorry you had to stay in that place while your Mommy was having a good time but I know from before that you quite like it there, aye?? It's always good to get home though. Did you eat off the floor while you were there????

  4. Hope you enjoyed your breakfast! Did she give ya any eggs to try!? heheh
    Great pictures, keep up with the posts :)