Thursday, 8 September 2016

Princess Jelly

I have to have a mat to eat my kibble and I won't eat on the floor.  Here is my mat

The blue dish is for my water and the white dish with the little paw prints is for my kibble. 

Tonight Mommy put some canned food on my kibble topped with a few yummy noodles.  I picked through the food and ate all the canned food and noodles.  It resulted in this

Mommy is calling it a mess and says I should clean up my kibble.  That is not a mess!  I know Mommy will clean it up in the morning when she gives me my breakfast kibble.  This pup will not eat crumbs and will not clean up kibble on the floor. Mommy calls me spoiled but I call it being a Princess.


  1. Crikey Princess Jelly ... I must be a Prince then .... I don't eat kibble from the floor either. However give me a chicken drumstick and I devour it like Henry VIII. Maybe I'm a KING.

  2. I sometimes leavemu kibbles for a long time...ten suddenly I decide to vacuum them up out of the bowl...then I lick and lick it like I am starving or something. BOL!

    Hope you cleaned your bowl like that too....

  3. Yeah, let the staff do the clean-up wurk.
    Duz she sneaky it back in the bowl for the nex' time for yu to eat?