Friday, 2 September 2016

Long Weekend

I am just so happy because this is a long weekend. It is a super long weekend since Mommy took today off too (Friday). Now we have a four day weekend!  Mommy asked me what I want to do. Oh my dogness I can think of so much to do.  Let's see.....we can sleep in, eat yummies, go for walks, play games, enjoy the backyard, go for a car ride to a park, go to a magic window place (aka fast food drive through) and that is just for starts.  Maybe we can go to some of my favourite stores and buy treats ?  Fun, fun, fun! 

What is that Mommy?  You want to get our regular work done around the house today so we can have three days totally free?  That sounds like fun, I love supervising Mommy doing things!

Here is a picture of me that Mommy took this morning.  She was standing on the deck and I was running around the yard.  You may remember that I barked that we were having a drought this summer.  Our grass was all brown.  In the last couple of weeks it has been raining and our grass is turning green again.  You can still see some of the dead patches in the picture.


  1. Those are great ideas for your long weekend. Let's hope you get to do All that an more!
    Green grass is good, your's will fill back in.

  2. Crikey Jelly .... I'm a bit behind. I guess your long weekends over now. I hope you had a great time! My lawn looks like yours when I pee on it. Mum reckons my pees deadly to lawns.

  3. Our lawn looks a lot like was all brown and crunchy and now its pretty much greened up..which meant that pawppy had to labor on Labour Day...he gave our one acre lawn a haircut, BOL!

    I hope you had a furbulous weekend!