Sunday, 21 August 2016

Inspector Jelly and the Raincoat

Here is my worker guy look

This is just perfect for doing my inspections.  A pup has to obey the safety rules and wear her safety vest on the job site.  What is that Mommy?  You want me to tell the real reason I have the safety vest?  Pups, I just told you the real reason.  Mommy thinks it is for my night time outings in the backyard so she can see my little black body in the dark.  Don't believe her, it is my inspector outfit!

I promised Charlie I would show him pictures of me with the hood on my raincoat.  Here I am

I hate anything on my head.  I don't know what power it has but anything on my head makes my legs not work.  I can't walk even one step with something on my head.  This is why I don't wear the hood on my raincoat.


  1. Bol! Yu look awful cute in yur raincoat. We need reflective stuff fur Tux. He goes out durin the night, hard to see him out there!

    1. They sold big dog inspector coats. Another thing that might work is a blinking tag on his collar. We tried it with me but I was too low to the ground

  2. Crickey Jelly that's pretty funny!!! Your legs don't work when you've got something on your head??? Wonder what that's all about??? Thanks for putting up with it long enough to show me! That was VERY ZNice of you. I like your high viz coat too. Very sensible. Safety first and all!

  3. Wow, around here its the petcretry who puts on a worker vest to walk me kn dimness...but I am mostly white so unless I am way out back in my yard, she can usually see me. I hate stuff on my head too, and I try to rub them all off, BOL! I roll on the ground to work them off...coats and raincoats and such...but I just hate getting wet too, what's a pup to do? BOL!