Thursday, 18 August 2016

Notme Returns

Do you pups remember that bad pup called "Notme"? I hadn't seen him in a very long time but he came to my house twice this week! Grrrrrr!  That pup always likes to get me in trouble.  You see we finally got some rain this week and Notme doesn't like to potty outside in the rain. I bet you can guess what he did?  Yep, he did his pee pee two times on the carpet in the back bedroom.  Can you believe that Mommy thought it was me?  She said I should be ashamed of myself.  Now she is putting up the little gate so I can't go into the nice carpeted bedrooms in the evening.  She is saying something about I have to earn the privilege to go there.  Grrrrrr?  I keep telling her it was Notme but she doesn't listen.  I ask you can this sweet little pup do such a bad thing?

I bet that bad pup saw my blog so he came here to cause trouble.  Yep, that is what happened!


  1. That Notme! Why duz he come round an get us cute lil pups in trouble?
    Look at yu all cute an innocent.
    Wish we could catch that bad Notme jus once so's we could do that shamin on the social media stuff.

  2. Note? Dat's who me and Brinley need to start blaming for dose puddles in da kitchen!

  3. I remember that Notme bloke Jelly ..... what's with your Mommy trying to blame little ole innocent YOU????? Of course it was Notme!! You would NEVER do such a thing.

  4. Notne only visits when the peeps are not around...he is just that kind of a dude...sneaky and all.Nit me seems to have a lot of fun at my doggy cousin's den...way more than here, BOL!