Thursday, 11 August 2016

Niece Update and Owls

I thought I would give an update on Niece.  We are very proud of her. If you don't already know she graduated with honours with a Bachelor of Nursing.  A couple months later she wrote her RN exam and passed the first time. (They get 3 tries to pass it!).  Since then she has worked two years as an RN in an emergency department of a hospital and has now worked for over two years as a flight nurse.  She works on a two week on and two week off rotation in the North.  She flies with patients all over the North and many times brings them to Winnipeg.  She can go to other locations like Toronto. She may even have to take them to the USA if that is where they are going for treatment.  She just recently got accepted into the Masters program in nursing and will be doing that on a part time basis in the fall.  Congratulations Niece!  We are so proud of her! Here is a picture of her with her dogs and with a fish she caught:
That is one big fish!  Doesn't she look young?  Sometimes her patients think she is a first year student and she has to convince them otherwise.

She has a very intense hobby in photography that has turned into a part time business.  She has taken lots of photography courses and is very good at what she does.  She does weddings and other types of photography work.  

This gets to the story of what happened when Mommy was visiting her.  Niece had a job to take advertising photos and a video for a local yoga studio.  They wanted to take the video and the photos out in nature.  Mommy took a drive with her to find the perfect locations to do this photo shoot.  As they were driving around they spotted two owls flying around in the middle of the afternoon.  Niece immediately jumped out with her camera and took these photos:
Those owls were way up in the trees but Niece had a good camera with a big lens and got these shots. What beautiful photos!  Mommy and Niece were very excited to have seen these owls.


  1. Wow, that is a Big fish! And such great owl piccies! Niece is a very talented smart young lady.

  2. A very talented young woman! Don't let Rufus see that fish or Niece will have a fight on her hands.

  3. Crikey ... Get a load of that fish! What a beauty. Niece sure is a good looking Sheila, aye? AND clever. No wonder you are proud of her. Owls in daytime. That's something you don't see everyday and what great photos!

  4. Wow! Congrats to 'Niece' and then some; on all her many talents and endeavours.
    Beautiful pictures:)