Sunday, 21 August 2016

Raining Today

It is pouring rain today.  At first Mommy and I just laid in bed waiting for it to quit.  It just kept raining so Mommy said I would have to try going out in the rain.  Out came my rain coat and I was ready to go outside and do my potty.  Here I am

We waiting for the rain to slow down and here was our opportunity

The door opened and I ran out.  Even Mommy went out in the rain and she saw me do a pee pee in the rain.  I cam running back up the deck and wanted in.  Here is me shaking or at least a blur of me shaking

Here is wet me but it wasn't too bad because I stayed pretty dry with the rain coat

I am going to have to be on high alert today watching for that bad Notme.  I don't want him coming here and getting me in trouble. He potties in the house when it rains.  Stay away from my house you bad pup!


  1. Crikey Jelly ..... you went out in THAT?? You could slip and break your leg on that deck. Your Mommy shouldn't send you out in THAT! That sure is a neat raincoat but you need a hood on it. You're quite the shaker, aye??

    1. It does have a hood. I don't like the hood so Mommy doesn't put it up. I will take a picture of me with the hood up.

  2. We had lotsa rain yesterday - I are not a fan!

  3. Yur lil lounge chair looks so sad an lonely out there.

  4. I hate coats so I go out and do piddles with out them in pouring ran but only after there is no way I can wait any longer. Not Me doesn't live here anymore...BOL! But if he visits I can blame those felines I live with, teehee!