Sunday, 21 August 2016

Renovation Update

I didn't bark for a really long.  You can blame Mommy for not typing for me because I am always willing to bark.

During this time we did lots of renovations.  I don't see the point of renovating but I do like barking and supervising the worker guys.  We didn't have big renovations since our house was 9 years old when we bought it 3 years ago. I thought a renovation update would be interesting so you can see the workers guys I got to bark at.

The first thing last fall was a new kitchen floor.  First Mommy started coming home with samples to try. They were big samples and I enjoyed smelling them.  Here is some of the samples

Once she chose what she wanted then the worker guys were here for a full day banging away.  Here is the final product

After the flooring came the gliding shelves.  Now Mommy doesn't have to go down on her hands and knees to get stuff out of the bottom cupboards.  I actually thought it was more fun to have her on her hands and knees so this didn't work out too well for me.  Here are some of the shelves

The next thing was more serious.  Mommy walked under one of the kitchen lights and it came crashing down and just missed her.  Mommy said we were lucky that it didn't land on me or hit her on the head.  This is the light that came crashing down

These are the pieces

So now Mommy decides we will replace all the kitchen lights, oh my dog, here we go! Here are the new lights

I had a good time barking at the electrician guy.  He also installed that wind machine a couple of blogs ago.

Things were quiet for a couple of months and then we got new shingles.  Yep, 12 year old house that needed shingles.  A large number of the houses around here are getting new shingles.  The shingle guys said it was the cheap builder quality shingles that are to blame.  Grrrr...   I had two days of good barking here.  Those worker guys did so much banging that they knocked a clock off the wall and our pictures all needed to be straightened afterwards.  I have no pictures of the shingle event.

Next came the small pressed concrete walkway that I barked about a few blogs ago.  Here it is again

Those worker guys were here three days in a row.  The first day they took out the old walk and were making lots of noise.  Mommy held me up so I could watch through the window for awhile but she didn't take me outside.  They also put up the forms for the concrete.  On the second day a big truck came with concrete and they filled in the forms.  Again Mommy didn't let me outside to supervise and only held me up by the window to watch for a short time.  This was not going good.  On the third day they were back and hosed some powder stuff off the concrete and took away the forms.  Mommy opened the door and I saw my opportunity and I ran straight by Mommy through the door, down the steps , across the new walkway to the grass and started barking like crazy at the worker guys.  I had to make up for the full three days!  Mommy picked me up and put me back in the house.  Grrrr... That serves them right for not letting me go outside.

Last week there were some asphalt guys at our house.  I didn't see anything!  Mommy wasn't even here.  The guys did a repair where the driveway had sunken by the garage. I just heard all the noise.

I think I have some barking days coming next week.  The concrete guy has to come back and seal the new walkway.  The asphalt guys are also suppose to come back and put some sealing stuff on the whole driveway.  Mommy says they might do it when she is at work.  Grrr. I don't like that because I won't get to see anything.

That is it for renovation updates.  Hmmmmm what is the next project......


  1. Crikey Jelly ..... it's all been happening at your house, aye?? That sure was some mighty good barkin!! Did you get to put your moniker on the concrete walkway. Our Harri got to put his moniker on one of our neighbour's driveways once. He wasn't very popular but Mum was quite proud of him. she just wouldn't admit it to anyone

    1. No, I wanted to get my paw print on there but I didn't. Mommy said it was a good thing that I didn't make a break for it the day before or I would have found myself in 8 inches of concrete. I am only 10 inches tall so it wouldn't have been good,

    2. Crikey Jelly ... I know it wouldn't have been a good thing, aye, but it would have made for a very funny picture? As long as you didn't get set in it, of course!

  2. Momma says we had renovyashuns done right before we got here - I bet I woulda barked dem worker guys like crazy!

    1. Barking at worker guys is so much fun!

  3. Barking at workers and helping them is fun! I know all about it too...some other pup wlalked over our wet driveway...sheesh. His pawprints remain even though he since has gone to the RB.
    We had a cable fix it man here last week, and I had a lot of fun sniffing his pants and then I helped him replace stuff right inside our house. Pawppy had to let him in cause I wasn't gonna do *that*. BOL!

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