Thursday, 11 August 2016

Extra Photos

Here are a couple of photos we thought we would add:

Here is Rufus (Boyfriends dog) and Nieces dogs Copper and Dawson.

Here is a good one of Rufus:


  1. Rufus looks like a gentle giant! I bet you can walk under him with no problem. Can he counter surf and share the goods? Jelly, don't be near by when he gets a drink, just saying.....
    Copper and Dawson are also on the rather large dog size. What do they feed them to grow them so big? We want whatever it is!

  2. Yu could ride any uv those big dogs. Cowgirl Jelly! Yee haw!
    Milton's rite bout Rufus. He's a shower waiting to happen.

  3. Yes, those dogs are all real big. They shed lots of hair too. Niece has them all very well behaved. She never went to any dog classes but learnt by reading. She keeps them very well exercised because her motto is a tired dog is a good dog, Rufus is not as good as the other two but he is getting there. Boyfriend let him away with lots for the first five years. It wasn't until Niece came in the picture three years ago that he got the training he needed.

  4. Those dogs are big but they sure look good and well content!

    I could fit under all of them...if my doggy cousin was there we could make a doggy tower, cause he fits under me, BOL!!

  5. Crikey Jelly ...... how the heck do you go with all those big blokes. I'd love to see a picture of you with them. Do you get to go for a ride on 'em??? That photo of Rufus and the tele is great, aye??