Thursday, 11 August 2016


We forgot to include Rufus in the last blog entry.  Sorry Rufus!  Niece has a boyfriend that she has been with for the last 3 years.  Are we going to be getting a nephew soon do you think?(this is a hint to Boyfriend).  Anyways Rufus is his dog.  Here is Rufus:

Niece always says not to get taken in with that innocent face.  His specialty is taking food off the counter.  The counter is head level so I guess it all looks too tempting to resist.  He is known to take a full pie of the counter and have swallowed it before anyone could stop him. It was a pie that Niece had just baked.  Baking is another talent that Niece has.  Anyways I have digressed.  While Mommy was there the peepoles were cleaning pickerel that they had just caught and Rufus came over and grabbed one and swallowed it before anyone could do something about it.  BOL!  I would have loved to see those peepoles scrambling around.  Hmmmm.....I think I could put some of Rufus's talents to good use.  Rufus, do you want to come for a visit to my house?


  1. Crikey that rufous bloke is a bloke after my own heart. I counter surf too when noones looking but I've never scored a full pie. I hope he let it cool down before he took it. You could get a nasty burn that way, aye? He looks so innocent too. Just like me!

  2. BOL! What a good dog!! After my own heart...except I am not allowed to dance on my counters or tables...I have to jump on them to get the goods, cause well I could only reach the mere edge...on my tippy toes. Shucks!

    1. Oops, Charlie I didn't even see that I wrote almost the same words at the beginning of my comment, BOL!

    2. Crikey Mr JF Sir ..... that's ok .. I often do that too Just shows we are on the same wave length, aye??