Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year every pup and peepoles!

I have been having a great Christmas.  Santa Paws was here and I got treats and toys.  It has been real nice being home with Mommy.  

Our oven quit working so it was the perfect excuse for Mommy to buy all new kitchen appliances at the Boxing Day sales.  She wanted new appliances and could not see spending money to repair the stove.  She said she saved over $1000.00 over the regular prices for the stove, fridge and dish washer.  The whole thing is boring but it made for some real good barking and supervising.  One day the handyman guy came and disconneected the dish washer.  The next day some guys came and removed all three appliances and brought the new ones.  Mommy said she donated the old ones to a church who was looking for appliances. She doesn't think it will cost much to repair the stove.  Then today the handyman guy was back and connected the dish washer.  My kitchen is now back to normal.

Tomorrow I am in for more fun because we are taking down our tree and other ornaments.  See you next year Christmas tree!  Our tree lives in the basement in a box all year and is only upstairs for the month of December.

We still don't have snow although it just recently got colder.  Tonight it is going to -8 C or 17.6 F.  Tomorrow is a high of -2 C or 28.4 F and a low of -5C or 23F.


  1. Happy, Yappy New Year to YOU, Jelly!
    And your Mommy, too!

    Soon our home will be devoid of all those baubles and lights, too...and our little trees...they are all lit up tonight, though!

    We need a new microwave, and we thought a new freezer, but only the food zapper is needed...

    Its cold and windy here, too...only some crumbs of snow, though. Last yer we had to dig out from under thick snow cover and some peeps had no power, remember all that ice...UGH!

    1. Yes, we had all that ice last year too. After the ice storm it snowed and snowed all winter, It was a bad winter.......

  2. Happy New Year, Jelly!! My Momma are slowly gittin' new appliances... so far she's replaced da double ovens and da are da cooktop since a burner quit workin-- later will be da fridge and da microwave.
    Our Chrissymus tree and outside lights stay until da 12th day of Chrissymus, da 6th of January, when da 3 Kings showed up. It are also my Momma's parents Annifursary... dis year it are their 65th Annifursary!! Dat are a lot of years!

  3. Crikey Jelly ...... I'm so glad you had a good Christmas and you had your Mommy at home with you. I sure hope 2015 is a wonderful year for you and your Mommy. A brand new year ........ that's pretty exciting, aye?? Hope you have lots of adventures and fun times.
    -8C!!!!!!!!! OMD ... I can't even begin to think what that feels like. Our minimum temperature tonight is supposed to be 22C. It was 34C today.

  4. Wow, since she saved all that money, that means More treats an goodies fur yu!

    All that kitchen stuff is so borin but at least she can cook sum good food an she shares with yu.

    Stay warm an snuggly.
    An have a super duper New Year Jelly an Mommy!

  5. Habby Nu Yeer, Jelly an' yur Mommy!! I r gwad sumpup habbed sum 'citement tu bark 'bout. Wecentwy I hab onwy beened barkin' at da mailman an' at dose stoopid skwerls whu live in twees on/near my pwoperty. We r 'pposta be geddin' 'BIG SNOWZ' bud I will bewiebe it when I see it!

  6. Sounds like a great way to end the year!

    -living chemical free

  7. Crikey Jelly ..... I've been missin' you!!! Is everything alright?? I sure hope so ......

  8. Just stopping by to say G'day!!! We think of you often!!

  9. Hi Jelly and her Momma! Sure do hope y'all are okay...haven't heard frum you in ages and we's startin' to wonder if y'all are okay. Hope to hear frum ya soon...

  10. Hey Jelly and Momma ..... just stoppin' by again. Hope all is ok at your corner of the world.