Saturday, 5 April 2014

My New Jewelry

Today Mommy had to work.  She got up at dark o'clock .  I don't like getting up at dark o'clock especially on a Saturday. I hope we get to sleep in on Sunday.

 On the way home Mommy stopped at a store for me.  She bought a bag of my kibbles (NOW small breed), some small little soft treats that I love and a pretty pink piece of jewelry for my collar.  I didn't get it when Mommy said I will only wear my jewelry outside in the dark.  I soon found out what that is about.  My jewelry has a battery in it and it can be turned on to shine a light.  Mommy says she has trouble seeing me running around in the yard when it is dark even when the outside light is on.  We tried it tonight and it works great.  Mommy can see the light glow everywhere I go in the yard.  Here is my jewelry :


  1. Hey now, that is a great idea! Course, now yu can't be all sneeky out there no more.

  2. Crikey Jelly .... I've got one of those jeweleries too. Mine's not pink though! I've got a blue one and a white one. I run sooooooooo fast that Mum reckons I need two.

  3. Ok, so that is your they make rear lights?? Um, just kidding...growlmy says I shouldn't woof that way...
    Now growlmy has to go and see if one of those might be in order fur me, so thta she will know where in the woodsy area I am when I go and bark my head off in there in the darkness privacy times. ( JRT's have the attention span of a flea, so growlmy tells me...)

  4. Mommy has one of those lights that she puts on her head when she takes us on night walks, it looks like a miner's headlamp only smaller. She says she needs it cause our new house is on a street that is still being developed and there are hardly any streetlights!