Friday, 4 April 2014

Nice Lunch

Mommy has been busy, busy working and hasn't been typing for me.  It is nice that she doesn't have to stay away overnight any more.  Her office is only 2 km away from our house.  When Mommy is having an office day she comes home for lunch.  It is wonderful.  Today Mommy came home for lunch. We got to have left over roast beast.  Mommy had a roast beast sandwich and I had roast beast in my kibble.  I even got to play some games.  When Mommy went back to work I was ready for my afternoon nap.  Tomorrow she has an 8 am meeting.  Who in their right mind would have an 8 am meeting on Saturday???  Mommy is not a morning person so she is going to have a tough time tomorrow.  Mommy is taking Monday off because it is her birthday.  I think she is going to be about a million years old or something.  It will be a great day because we are getting new window coverings installed.  I know it sounds boring but it will make for lots of good barking.


  1. Whut? That is a crazy time fur a meetin, specially on a Saturday sleep in day.
    Maybe after the meetin, yu can both have sum good nap time.

    Happy Birthday to yur Mommy! She should let yu help fix sum yummy foods to eat. Or take yu out fur a special meal. ;-)
    Peepoles are so weird though huh? Winnow coverins installed. Whoopee. But hey, yu'll get sum good barkin!

  2. Happy almost birthday, Jelly's momma!!

    And winder coverin's?? Why do da hoomans insist on coverin' da winders? Makes it real tuff fur us pups to keep an eye on zombiez and such...

  3. 8 AM on a Saturday??? Dat are an outrage!

  4. Happy birthday to your Mommy, Jelly .... I hope you both have a good day. Sounds as if you will. Mommy gets her new window coverings and you get to bark at the fixers.
    It's good that Mommy can come home for lunch now. Roast beast .... lucky you ..... I LOVE roast beast!!

  5. Roast beast is the bestest!
    Barking at window fixer men is a great way to spend some quality time, BOL!

    Early morning meetings stink. So there. Sorry she had to go, at least it wasn't on her Birthday!

    Happy Birthday to your Mommy!

  6. Momma an' me r SO nod gud at earwy mornins. Whut kinda cwown calls fur a meetin' dat earwy on a Sadurday, anywayz?? Gud gwief!