Sunday, 2 February 2014

Ground Hog Day

Today is Ground Hog Day which is the day that little ground hog comes out of his hole and tells us if we get six more weeks of winter.  If he sees his shadow we get six more weeks of winter and if not then spring is around the corner.  In Canada we have the ground hog called Wiarton Willy.  It was reported that he saw his shadow so that means six more weeks of winter.  Mommy said she could wring his little neck but I know she doesn't really mean that.  I want to let Wiarton Willy know that here in Kingston we have Kingston Jelly (which means ME).  When I went out this morning I didn't see my shadow so that means spring is just around the corner!  What do you think of that Wiarton????  Mommy says she likes my prediction much better.

Since I am barking about winter I have to say we didn't get as much snow as predicted.  Mommy and I got up and expected lots of snow to clear but there wasn't.  Mommy shoveled the back deck and my little potty place and there was only about 2 cm of crusty wet snow.  We don't know what was out front because our snow clearing guy must have been at our house real early and had it cleaned up but we don't think it was much.  Mommy sometimes wonders why we have a snow clearing guy.  He came today and cleared off the little bit of snow but we know the city will be plowing (more because of the melting mushy mess then the amount of new snow) and Mommy is going to have to go out and shovel that heavy mountain of snow that the plow leaves in our driveway.  I wonder why we have him too.  He didn't even have the decency to come at a respectable time so I could bark at him! If I can't bark at him then he is no good.  Hmmmm..... I just had a thought.  I wonder if he is scared of my barking and that is why he came so early???


  1. Yeah, I don't trust those groundhog weather predictors.

    Hey, your page looks purdy in pink! It's yur color!

    1. A Princess always has to be surrounded in pink. :)

  2. I don't trust no rodents for nothing cept being shakied by me! Certainly not weather prognosticaterin!

  3. An', anyway, WHY DA HECK du dose gwoundhogs hab a day jus' fur dem??? R dere a doggies' day on da cawendar I r nod heerin' 'bout?? Gud gwief.

    Jelly, Momma an' I wike yur pwedickshun WAY bedder dan any silly wodent's . Wiarton Willie r SO wast yeer. Whut him kno' 'bout weafer?