Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Westminster Dog Show/Patio Lookout

Last night Mommy and I enjoyed watching the Westminster Dog Show.  The toy group was judged.  The affenpinscher that won the breed was Banana Joe's son.  If you don't know, Banana Joe won best in show last year.  He has a very handsome son.  Tonight is the terrier judging and best in show judging.  If you can, you should watch.

Today is a a very sunny day and I have been enjoying my patio lookout post.  Here are some pictures of me enjoying the sun:


  1. You remind us of Garfield the cat. He was walkin, hit a sun puddle and had a sudden nap attack. You are lookin out the patio door, but you jus' couldn't hold your head up no more. Bol.

    Yay fur Banana Joe's son! I 'member you are related to that furmily.

  2. Awwwwwwwww! Wookit yu bein' so darn cute, Jelly! I wuz wyin' in a puddle ob sunshine dis day, tu! Bery sunny an' BERY cold day we habbed. More snows on da weekend, dem say!

  3. How r Octane duin'? We kno' a pup named Octane!

    We r tapin' (dvr-ing?) the Westminster show dis nite cz Momma r fallin' asweep awweady an' we will watch it tumowwow nite! YAY fur Banana Joe's son tu win Best in Bweed!!!

  4. Um...hey! We almost furgot to turn it on...thanks!

    I like your sunny spot! Nice pics!

  5. We watched da Westminster. I thinks dey save da best for last since da westie are always da lastest dog! Momma says dat dat's just because terriers is da last group and dey go alphamabetically, but I know I are right.

  6. Nothing but bad weather here in Ga. Snow yesterday. I hate to poop in the snow !Today ICE!