Thursday, 6 February 2014

Puppy Pictures

My pal Zaidie gave me a good idea today when he posted some puppy pictures.  I thought I would post some too.  Thanks for the great idea Zaidie!  I thought there may be some new pups reading my blog so they might want to see some puppy pictures.  Also some of my existing pals might want to see them too.

I came to live with my Mommy when I was four months old.  A couple of days after I got home Mommy bought me a celebration cake and invited some of her peepole friends over.  This is the cake that she bought me:

In the early days Mommy was calling me "Jellybean" because I reminded her of a little black jellybean.  BOL!!

Here I am with my Mommy and the cake:

We had a very nice party!

Here is a picture of me at 4 months old:

Do you see the big difference between me then and now????  Here my ears are down but now my ears are up.  In these four month old pictures my ears are taped down.  Affenpinschers can have either up ears or down ears.  At teething time the ears do weird things so the peepoles taped them down.  It didn't take them long to figure out that I have the up type of ears.

Here is another picture at 4 months:

Here I am relaxing after my big party:

Now I will post a few pictures of me at 6 months old:

Here I have up ears.  What a cute little face!

Another 6 month old picture:

In this picture I just got this cool purse to travel in.  I liked it right away!

Another 6 month old picture:

Here I am with my monkey.  When I first saw this monkey I was scared of him because he screams really loud.  I would hide in the hallway while Mommy made him scream in the living room.  It didn't take me long to build up my courage and I eventually loved my monkey.  Since then I have had three of these monkeys.  When the voice box dies Mommy buys me another one.  I still play with my monkey. 

Do you like my baby pictures??


  1. Jelly! I have nefur seen these pictures of cute baby you!
    I do know that you Love those monkeys.

    What did Jennifer think of lil you?

    1. At first Jennifer didn't like me because I had too much energy for her and I bugged her. She would growl at me. I learned to be nicer to her and we became friends. I loved sleeping curled up to her

  2. I was thinkin 'bout when I met you on the Dogster place. I 'member readin yur diary 'bout you and Jennifer and yur Mommy was havin a funeral for a Betta fishie, in yur bathroom. So sad it was.

    Seems like soon after that, we became good pals. :-)

    1. Mommy found that diary entry, it was Jan 19, 2007. Mommy read it to me again and we laughed.

  3. You sure were a cutie, Jelly!
    Glad to have now made your acquaintance...growlmy always says, better late than nevfur! BOL!

  4. OMD!! *thud. gets up.shakes head* Where I wuz?? Oh, yeah, yu wuz compwetewy 'dorable, Jelly, jus' wike yu r now!!