Sunday, 2 February 2014


As an update to Ground Hog day I have some very important news to report.  I am not alone in predicting spring is around the corner.  The ground hog called Winnipeg Willow (who is in Winnipeg) didn't see her shadow so she says spring is coming soon.  There is the very knowledgeable ground hog from Nova Scotia called Shubenacadie Sam who also predicts an early spring.  Also Fred le Marmotte the wirey little ground hog from Quebec  reports an early spring.  Then I got a report from Environment Canada that says the cold weather will stay for all of February.  Grrrrrr......  I don't believe Environment Canada.  My money is with Willow, Sammy and Freddie!  Way to go Ground Hogs!  Let's hear it for an early spring!!  Yahoo!  Party time.................


  1. I wouldn't put away the snow shovel jus' yet.


  2. I don't trust any rodent to be a weatherman.

  3. How on earth do they even dare to come out of those dens!
    Spring...around here we despair of it evfur returning...sigh...

  4. Spwing will come, pupses. I pwomise. Hab no fearz!! I r nod shur which wodent tu bewiebe, doe. Dem r all kinda shady.