Saturday, 24 May 2014

Back to the Vet

This morning Mommy didn't put me out to potty and didn't even give me breakfast. She packed me right into the carrying bag and into the car and to the vet.  Yesterday I did my pee pee just before I went to the clinic so I didn't have any to give them for the urine analysis. This morning my bladder was full so they used an ultra sound machine and used a needle to get a pee pee sample.  I was a very good girl and let them get the sample.

After they had the sample the Vet came out and talked to Mommy.  All the test results from yesterday were in and everything is 100%.  We got three pages of results.  It graphed all the things they checked in the blood sample.  Each item has a range between low normal and high normal.  Some things I am low normal, some high normal and some in the middle.  Mommy said this is now our base line that we can use if I get sick.  For example if my normal on something is on the low side then if I all of a sudden check high then it indicates a problem.  On the other paw if my normal is on the high side of normal and being just slightly above that won't be as bad. It also said I was negative for heart worm, negative for Lyme but I did have antibodies for Lyme from my vaccination (which is good) and my poopy sample was clear.  Now we just need to wait until tomorrow for the urine analysis. Pretty high tech stuff!  This all cost Mommy $600.  She said because I am the only pup she can afford to do it.  The clinic told Mommy that regardless of where we move or what vet clinic we go to all this information can be transferred over at any time plus Mommy has a paper copy of it that will be filed away for future use. 


  1. It costed lots of mony but yu are worth it!

    Did yu get a new toy or special treat after all yur pokin yu had dun? Hope so!

    1. Nothing! Just a stupid bandana!

    2. Ya shoulda demanded some more treats!

  2. You're healthy ...... Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Good to hear!!

  3. Phew!
    Glad all is well!
    Yes, demand lots more treats!