Saturday, 24 May 2014

Blood Pressure

When I barked my last blog I forgot to bark about getting my blood pressure taken.  Mommy says she has had dogs for years and has never seen blood pressure be taken on a dog.  She said it looked so cute.  They had a little cuff they wrapped around my leg just like they do for peepoles.  It brought back memories to Mommy from the three months she was in the hospital.  When she was in there they took her blood pressure three times per day.  I was even there one day when they did that to Mommy.  So when they took my blood pressure I knew all about it.  It seemed to take awhile for them to get the readings when I was all hooked up but it was painless.


  1. Betcha looked real cute getting it taken!

  2. Yu got a good goin ofur there at the vet place.
    Wunner what is a "good" readin fur dogs?

    1. Yep, I had a total exam including physical, blood work, urine analysis, poop sample and blood pressure. It was $600 which included one month of Revolution(heart worm/tick protection). The vet and techs spent lots of time with us.

      I don't really know what the blood pressure should be. I think getting a calm reading on a pup is hard. They tried on me a few times. When they gave me a yummy treat I finally got a good reading. One web site we looked at said Minature breeds are around 136/74. Another site said anything under 150/96 is not treated for high blood pressure.

  3. Crikey Jelly ..... $600 ..... no wonder your Momma has to go to work!! And that's when you're healthy ..... don't get sick, Jelly?? You might break the bank ......

  4. Yikes!
    Thats a load of $$ fur a checkup...and no teeth cleaning yet. Does Revolution have 14karat gold in it??

    Glad they said it was fine.