Wednesday, 21 May 2014

I Am Back!

I can't believe that I haven't been on my blog since April 6th!  That Mommy returns to work and everything falls apart.  I am going to have to give you a quick over view of what has been happening.  Here it is:
1. Everything is going great, thought I would start with that statement so you can just sit back and relax.
2. Mommy has been crazy busy with her job.  She has been working late and even works on Saturdays.  She will take me into the office to work on Saturday or in the evenings.  It is a fun place to be.  I follow Mommy all over the office.  We go to the photocopy room, to the kitchen, to the secretary spot, to the bathroom, to the board room, to the library etc.  My favourite place is to the big grassed area in the front.  I make Mommy take breaks and go outside.  Fun, fun, fun......
3, Mommy has been taking me for walks around the neighbourhood which is fun.
4. Mommy has been taking me to a place called Lake Ontario park.  It is right on Lake Ontario and is a great place to sniff around.  Lots to see too!
5. I went to the kennel for the first time since moving here.  It was just for one sleep when Mommy went to Toronto for work.  Mommy got to experience Toronto driving and she made it there and back in one piece.  The new kennel people were nice.
6. We have lawn care guys who come to my house once per week.  Mommy says she works too much to be able to do all the work around here.  They make for some good barking. The previous people didn't care for the yard so we have lots of yellow flowers in our lawn.  Mommy hopes we can get it looking better.  The guy said it will take a couple of years to straighten it out.  We are using lots of grass seed, fertilizer and weed spray stuff.
7. Mommy is all happy about ordering a retractable awning for our deck.  Our deck faces south so we get sun there all the time.  Mommy says I will enjoy laying out there in the shade this summer.  Hopefully it will be installed in about a week.
8. On Friday I have to go to the vet for my heart worm test.  It should be okay.  I put my cuteness on and get lots of attention.
9. Next week Mommy has to go to Windsor for her job so I go back to the kennel.  I should have lots to bark about after that.

I think that about covers the highlights.  I hope to be back barking more regular now.  Now I have to catch up on what you pups have been up to.  I hope you haven't forgot about me.


  1. Howdy, Jelly!! Glad to see you barkin' again!

  2. Crikey Jelly .... good to hear you barking! You get lots of sun from the south? That made Mum stop and think. She'd never thought about that, before. We get lots from the north! You've sure been busy, aye??

  3. Yay! Glad to have yu back Pal! Sounds like yu are havin fun an doin good.

    Keep on barkin!

  4. Woofs! Glad you're back, too!

    Lots going on there!
    Growlmy has been at some of those parks on Lake Ontario. I was at one in the Oakville area.
    Enjoy the barking times and the summery times, too!