Friday, 23 May 2014

Good Day

Today was a real good day.  First I went to the new vet for my heart worm test. I put on my super cuteness and got all kinds of attention.  The vet talked Mommy into running some blood work on me.  It is for a base line and also I am going to have to go in for a dental so they like to know I am healthy.  The peepoles took blood out of me, emptied my anal glands, took me outside to collect a poopy and some pee pee.  I got lots and lots of attention and even some treats.  After that Mommy took me to work.  This was the first time I have ever been there on a working day.  There are a total of six peepoles that work in the office including Mommy.  Of course they all loved me and I got a bunch more attention.  They let me run loose in the office and what fun that was.  The two secretaries sit up front and there were two others and Mommy there.  Mommy and the other two peepoles sit in there own offices.  It was a tough job keeping track of everyone and I went from room to room.  One peepoles played with me.  I also got some yummies getting some carrot, some orange and some bread with peanut butter.  At lunch time Mommy and I went home.  Just as I was getting out of the car a lady walked by with a cairn and a miniature schnauzer.  We played in the front yard which was fun.  Then Mommy and I went into the house for lunch.  I must have made Mommy hungry for peanut butter because she had toast and peanut butter for lunch.  After that Mommy went back to work and I stayed home for an afternoon nap.


  1. Except for the vet you had a real good day!

  2. Whut a great fun day. At least yu got the vet visit ofur with furst, an of course they luved yu there.
    Yu had a busy mornin. Hope yu had a good naptime in the affernoon.

  3. Sounds like a purdy good day, 'cept for the vampire vet part...

  4. Ummmmmmmmmmm! .... 'scuse my ignorance but what's a base line???? Is it anything like a base ball??? I know what they are??? It was good of you to go to work with your Momma. Were you a big help?? It sounds like fun!!

  5. I had a good nap. Charlie, a base line is all the different readings that they get from the blood work when I am healthy. Then when I am sick they can take more blood and compare it to the "base line" readings from when I was healthy.

    1. Crikey ..... thanks Jelly ... my Vet must be slack! I've never had a blood test. Maybe when I'm older?

  6. Sounds like a pretty good time - well get da vet part don't sound so fun.