Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Kennel Again

Mommy had to go to Windsor for work this week. This meant I had to go to the kennel yesterday.  I am using my ibone to type this entry.  When I arrived at the kennel I was the only boarding pup there.  These peepoles bred pugs and only board a small select amount of pups.  Today a second boarder came , a boxer pup.  I have to stay here until Saturday.  

Mommy said it took her seven hours to drive to Windsor including a 45 minute stop.  This is her hotel room.

Right across the river is Detroit.  Mommy brought her passport in case she decides to visit Detroit.  This is Detroit from her hotel window:

Is Mommy really working or is she having a vacation?   Hmmmm.......  I can't wait until Saturday.


  1. Dat hotel looks pretty nice - looks like a vacation to me.

  2. Crikey Jelly ... I'd be having a serious talk to your Momma if I were you. How many beds does she need? There's a bed there for you. Why do you have to stay at the kennel joint? Looks like vacation to me too!

  3. Dang, she always Claims to be wurkin but she always gets to stay is sum purdy fancy spots.
    Use yur Ibone to snap a few piccies of yur kennel, or should we call it a dungeon.

    Bark to us to let us know yu are ok!

  4. Yeah! Charwie r wite! How much beds duz yur Mommy need, Jelly?? Unwess...hur hab bowwowed a bunch ob pupses fwum peeples an' r wettin' dem sweep on dat uber bed!?!?!?!? I du nod meen tu cawz twubbles, bud, sumpup needs be on top ob fings here! I r jus' sayin'...

  5. Wow, Two huge beds fur one lady??
    And a picture view of Detroit!

    Definitely vacation, BOL!

    Now your Mommy is really close to me, MJF!
    Only another few hours...

    Hope you get lots of treats and toys when you go to a kennel...to keep you amused, you know.

  6. If you are in any doubt then check this site out


    This is where Mommy says she is going for work next. This pup wasn't born yesterday!

  7. Oh yeah, she'll really be ruffin it at that place.

    Wurk? Sure JellyMommy.

  8. HA!!! Yeah, I can see how wotza 'werk' r gonna ged done dere...by da STAFF as dem wun 'wound, serbin' martinis tu yur Mommy at da pool an' duin' manis an' pedis down in da salon an' gwillin' up da perfek hunk ob fiwet mignon fur hur dinner an' den leadin' hur back tu hur suite at da end ob da nite aftur hur dwinked a pitchur ob daiquiris ALL BY HURSELB. Yeah, fur shur...werkin'. BOL :D

  9. You pups have made my Mommy laugh. I think she knows she is busted even though she is sticking to her work story. Work, ya! If you believe that then I have a bridge to sell you. BOL!