Tuesday, 3 June 2014

This and That

Mommy came and bailed me out of the kennel place on Saturday.  I am getting those kennel peepoles wrapped around my paw. They took me for walks and even had me sitting outside with them visiting with their company.  In the kennel there was me, a lab and a boxer.  I laid the law down to those pups right away and they knew I am the boss.  The kennel peepoles told Mommy that those two pups were scared to walk by my kennel run.  They thought it was funny to see a big lab and a big boxer scared of all 8 lbs of me.  I see nothing funny about it since it is just the way it should be, I am the boss.

Mommy was late picking me up on Saturday because she got caught in the traffic jam on the 401 in Toronto after an accident.  The whole east bound was closed and it took Mommy 1.5 hours to get around it.  That is one big traffic jam!

Sunday was real funny.  Mommy and I were out in the yard when a rabbit appeared.  I saw the rabbit before Mommy did and I took off after it.  Mommy was concerned that I might get the rabbit cornered and end up fighting it.  My breed standard says I am suppose to be fearless and I am.  I wish I had my ibone taping this event because there was a rabbit running, me chasing the rabbit and Mommy trying to run behind me calling my name. It was too funny!  The rabbit managed to get away so all ended well for the rabbit.  BOL!  That rabbit may not be so lucky next time!

Mommy said she had a meeting today at the City Hall in Kingston.  She said it is a beautiful old building in a beautiful location right on the water.  They were sitting at an antique table with antique chairs that date back to Sir John A MacDonald.  For you American pups, Sir John A MacDonald was our first Prime Minister and Kingston was the capital of Canada for a short time.  The peepoles told Mommy that Sir John A MacDonald likely sat at that table and may have even sat on the chair that Mommy was sitting on.  I know this is boring but Mommy found it interesting.


  1. BOL! Your Mom was at the 'Original MacDonalds'!

    Those accidents wreak havoc much too often. Usually when the road is closed like that its not good:(

    Glad you are back home again! That rabbit had best stay away, fur sure!

  2. BOL - bet ya chasin da bunny and your momma chasin you was funny!

  3. Crikey Jelly ..... wish I had been there to chase the rabbit with you. We'd have caught it for sure. Wonder what Mommy would have done when she caught us.

  4. I knew yu would take ofur the kennel place. Yur boss, but a princess boss.
    That bunny might have gotten the poo skeered outta him with yu chasin him like that an yur Mommy chasin yu. Whut fun! Keep a sharp eye out fur more bunnies!

    Too bad yu weren't there to sniff out any old antique MacDonald burger crums. Bol!