Saturday, 21 June 2014


We are being invaded and this invader has even got me in trouble.  Here is the invader and number 1 enemy:

This creature has been digging under our fence and has got me blamed for some of it.  Between this invader and the birds we got no strawberries from our strawberry patch.  I am on guard and chase them away.  

Today I chased a few rabbits out of my yard as well as numerous birds.  A kitty even came into my yard and I chased him away too.  This is one tough job!  I think I need some help.  If some of you pups can come to my house then we can guard my yard in shifts.  That will show those rabbits!


  1. OMD! I will recruit myself to do a varmint-pest control. Maybe on my way there I will pick Zaidie up, and get my cairn cousin Murphy from Milton. He HATES varmints, maybe more than I do...

    Imagine getting blamed for what those pest are owed, Jelly. Beg; no demand treats!

    I know there are others who can help too...imagine, you are going to have a varmint eradication party! BOL!

  2. Grrr on that durn bunny! Naughty varmints!
    Sure thing! We can all take shifts. Yu can't be 'spected to do all the wurk yurself.
    I'll be there as soon as I file my way outta the Pet Lodge joint.

  3. We are on our way too Jelly. Of course Stubby is a puppy but we can show him the ropes. Maybe it will work off some of his energy chasing those durn rabbits!

  4. Thanks pups, I knew I could count on you! All pups welcome! Come to my house and help me get those rabbits. We will make it into a big party with lots of meatz! I wonder what rabbit on the BBQ tastes like?

  5. Cooked rabbit is delish....I'm on my way. Can we add the UPS man to the menu also?

  6. We got dem bunnies here too - I are an expert at barkin dem so I are on my way. Specially if dere are MEATZ™ involved.

  7. Bunnies? How cute! *runs off* BOLBOL :D