Friday, 20 June 2014


Today has been a real interesting day.  Two worker guys came this morning and installed our retractable awning.  I was outside and supervised the whole job.  Mommy can make the awning come out and also make it crawl back into its shell.  I already love the awning because it makes really nice shade.  Here are some pictures of the awning:

This is so nice!

My supervisor duties are not over yet.  Mommy decided to get some bracing poles installed for the end of the awning so the wind won't damage it.  The worker guys will be back in a couple of hours to do that.  I see lots of fun and relaxing times ahead this summer for me and Mommy.


  1. Oh! That is So nice! Yu are fur sure gonna enjoy it out there on yur deck!
    Start mixin up the pitcher of dogaritas!

    An yu get the added bonus of bark-time at the worker guys! Pawsome!

  2. Shade is so good on a hot sunny day!

    You have a nice lounger, too!

    Yup, snoopervising and barking is good doggy work!

  3. The shade will be very nice on these warm days but I also have to comment on your comfortable looking doggy chase lounge - WOW!!!

  4. Yu got it maded in da shade, Jelly! BOL :D

  5. Dat are wunnerful!! Instant shade! And purdy cool lookin' lounge chair, Jelly!!