Tuesday, 17 June 2014


Mommy was getting upset with me digging under the fence and actually digging on the fence.  She said she would fix me and look what she did:

Those are exercise panels that we had.  Now I can't dig underneath ot scratch the fence.  if it was wet I would get real muddy digging and it was lots of fun.  You can buy special dog windows for fences and Mommy said she would consider it.  I think I need a couple of dog windows in my fence so I can see the action.  Here is a picture we found.  Can't you just see my little head in the window?  


  1. I knew it! Yur fun got spoilt real fast. Sorry Pal.

    Yeah! That doggie winnow is jus whut yu need! Yu need a bunch of em all along yur fence line.

  2. Lotsa pups round here got windows, I fink ya need one to bark out of!

  3. Crikey Jelly ..... you gotta have one of those windows!! You tell your Mommy she's got to get onto that real quick. Your pretty little Princess head needs to be seen by all your neighbours. You're going to look real cute!!!!! I've never seen one of those windows around here. They sure are groovy!!

  4. Kewl winnow, Jelly! Yeah, yu need one ob dose, fur shur! Mabbe more!?!?

  5. Sheesh That kinda looks like me, BOL!!

    You really would have fun with a window like that!
    Tel your Mommy t go fur it!

    When growlmy goes to her sister's the fences there often have windows like that, too.