Monday, 16 June 2014

Keeping Busy

I have been very busy since I barked at you last.  Last week Mommy went to the Resort Place for work (Jelly chokes). I was at the kennel.  I had a great time but don't tell Mommy.  The peepoles took me for lots of walks, fed me good food and gave me lots of attention.  I got to chase squirrels and rabbits too.  I enjoyed getting the three big dogs in trouble.  The big dogs would bark like crazy idiots and the kennel man would yell at them to be quiet.  When they were quiet I did my quiet growls and jumped around and got them going crazy again.  They would bark like a bunch of fools and get in trouble again.  Those crazy pups never learnt and just kept on getting into trouble. It was quite amusing. 

I got home on Friday.  This weekend Mommy put all the chairs out on the deck.  I love it because this means Mommy is outside more and I get to be in the back yard.  There are lots of rabbits around my place and I love chasing them.  We are just amazed how they can slip through the chain link fence.  Mommy says they must be all fluff because they look far too big to fit through.  I love guarding the fence line in my yard.  The fence that is along the street requires the most work because the peepoles and pups walk along there.  Here are some pictures of me taken just a couple of minutes ago:

Who is walking by?


  1. Looks like fun! But don't go diggin yurself out to the street or the neighbors' yards!

    Good Grrl stirrin up the big goofy pups at the kennel! Bol!

  2. You sure are alert to the goings on at the other side...can you see through the slat openings? I would go nuts not being able to see them fully, BOL!
    Enjoy your yard!


  3. Crikey Jelly ..... such a big fence for such a little Princess. Tell Momma to put a window in the fence for you. I'm with Mr JF Sir on that one. I'd go nuts not being able to see what's going on out there. You've got rabbits in your yard??????? AND you get to chase them?????? OMD ..... Zaidie, Zaidie, Zaidie, WHERE ARE YOU????????? Bring the lear jet ..... pleeeeeeeeeeeeease!!

    1. Sowwy fur da deway, Charwie, bud heer I r! Da Weer Jet r fuelded an' weady tu go!

      Yeah, Jelly! Yu need a winnow in dat hooge fence ob yurs!

  4. Hope yur Mommy habbed a gwate week ob 'werk' at da wesort hur wented tu!