Wednesday, 18 June 2014


Today is an anniversary day for us.  It isn't a good one but Mommy says we can be happy that it is all behind us.  One year ago on June 18th my Mommy broke her foot.  This started a three month stay in the hospital for Mommy and a three month stay at the kennel for me.  In total Mommy was off work for nine months.  It was a long grind but we made it through.  I hope we can just forget about it now.


  1. Uh, yeah, not like yu want to be wished Happy Anniversary.
    I member how happy yu both were when yu got to visit yur Mommy in the hospital.

    Have a super duper day today!

  2. Glad your momma are better now!

  3. Hey, no we-enactin' ob dat day, 'kay???

  4. Coming home made it like the furst day of the rest of your life, BOL!

    Good thing its all better and done with.