Friday, 24 January 2014

Crazy Bike

It is still rather boring around here.  This week has been very cold so there hasn't been as much activity outside to bark at and I haven't wanted to be outside for very long.  I have patio doors in the kitchen that make a real good lookout.  Our house is up high so from my lookout I can see over the six foot fence.  From my lookout I can see our community mailboxes.  This is where all the activity is.  People come to pick up their mail.  Some of them stop their cars to get their mail and others walk to the mailbox.  It gets real exciting when people bring their pups to the mailbox.  I have to tell those pups that this is my house and my yard.  People don't go and get their mail as often in the cold weather but in the spring watch out!  There should be lots of activity around here.  The patio door lookout is also very good for sunbathing.  The sun comes in there in the morning and it is heavenly. 

Today Mommy was away for hours and hours and hours and hours.  What is that Mommy?  Don't exaggerate??  Mommy says she was gone for four hours but I say it was more than that.  Of course she had her physiotherapy to go to.  Then she said she bought some kind of cross between an exercise bike/ recumbent bike and elliptical thing which I will bark about later. After that she had a few more errands and finally came home to me. We then had some yummy lunch.  I have started not eating my kibbles in the morning but I eat them at lunch time.  Mommy cut up some pieces of meat loaf and put it on top of my kibbles and I ate it all up. Yummy!

Mommy tried to explain this crazy bike thing that she bought.  She called it "Octane".  You can see it at and it is called a seated elliptical model XR6ce.  She said she got a really good deal on a floor model.  I don't get it because she says she will pedal and it goes no where.  What good is that?  I much prefer our bike with my basket in the front.  Anyways some peepoles are coming on Friday to deliver it and set it up.  It is suppose to take about two hours to set it up so I have some excitement in my future next week.  I will get Mommy to take some pictures of this crazy thing. 


  1. There's no Jelly basket on dis bike to nowhere? I think your momma got ripped off!

  2. The peepoles are so weird! A bike that goes no where?
    We've got a thing in the basement that Daddy walks and runs on. Never leaves the basement.
    I do envy you bein able to see over a 6 ft. fence! And all that mailbox barkin! Wow!

  3. Momma habs one ob dose ewwiptikal fings upstairs in a spare woom. It goes nowhere tu. I jus' du nod ged it. Da gud fing 'bout dese fings r dat no people weaves da howse when dem r on dem! Momma mite be on da ewwiptikal fur 30 minutes or weeks, bud hur r always here wif me!

  4. Crikey ... we've got one of those walking things that Mum and Dad use. Would you believe they have even put me on it. As you all say it goes nowhere so what's the point? Real drongos sometimes peoples, aye, Jelly?