Tuesday, 21 January 2014

It is Cold Outside and Boring Inside

It sure is cold outside today.  On the weekend we got lots of snow.  Today is sunny and cold.  As I bark it is -21 C or -5 F and it is going to -27 C or -17 F tonight.  Outside potty breaks are brief and I run out to do my business and right back in. 

All the cold weather makes for a rather boring day and to top it off my Mommy was out most of the day.  She went to her physiotherapy this morning.  For you new readers my Mommy broke her foot very badly in June so she has to go to physiotherapy.  I have never been there so I don't know for sure what it is about but I think they make her do all kinds stretches and exercises.  She comes home and does some exercises and says that is what she does at the physiotherapy place.  Boring!  On the good side Mommy came home for lunch which at least broke up my boring day.  In the afternoon she went to her new dentist for the first time so I had a boring afternoon.  You new time readers need to know that we just moved to Kingston in November so everything is new to us.  It ended up the Dentist was from Winnipeg (where we come from) so Mommy got to do some Winnipeg talk with him.  She had her "new patient" exam and a cleaning and check.  Mommy needed to have one filling redone and had it done right away because the dentist had time.  This meant she was gone for most of the afternoon which was boring for me.  Can you believe the bill was over $700.00??  Mommy says she is happy that it is covered with her dental plan.  I say enjoy it while you can because I am due to see my vet in March and we have no insurance for that!

I hope that Mommy and I can have a nice quiet evening together.


  1. Yawn, that does sound like a borin time. I hope you had a lil sumfin to bark at while you were all alone. I don't unnerstand how your Mommy could "talk" with the dentist man 'bout Winnipeg. Don't they put all kinds of stuff in the victim's, I mean patient's, mouth? Bol!
    Enjoy your time with your Mommy. I think she was tellin my Mommy she's gonna go
    back to that thing called work in a few more days or months or sumfin. Then you'll have to hold down the fort all by yourself.

  2. It r weal cold here, tu, Jelly! One time, aftur we came in fwum 'pwibacy, pweeze', Dadda sed him cood see my bwefs comin' outta my mouf INSIDE DA HOWSE!!

  3. Back to work??!! Mommy didn't say anything about that! MOMMY...........

    Glad to see you found me Zaidie!

  4. Yikes! Dat are cold!! Speaking of dentists, I heard a rumor bout a toofie cleaning in da future.