Sunday, 26 January 2014

Snow, Snow and More Snow!

We sure got lots of snow this weekend!  Our snow clearing guy came twice yesterday and Mommy was sure glad to see him.  Today the City plowed our street and now we have a big pile of snow up to Mommy's waist across the driveway.  Mommy called the snow clearing guy and hopes he will get here before she has to go out tomorrow.  Actually I  hope that he doesn't come and hopefully Mommy will have to stay home.

I went outside with my coat and booties this weekend.  I don't mind the coat but I sure hate the booties. 
Here is a picture taken a couple of years ago of me with my coat and booties. I wanted to post it so you can see what they look like.  I have to get Mommy taking some new pictures of me so I can post them on this bloggy thing. See all the reflective material on the coat and booties??  Mommy says that is so I can be seen in the dark which is a good thing considering I am a black pup.

This evening I went outside for a quick potty so I didn't wear my coat and booties.  The problem is the neighbour dog behind us was out so I was busy barking at him through the fence.  I ignored the fact that I was getting cold.  Finally when I came in I was very cold.  I am fine now and Mommy says I have to come in when I start to get cold. 


  1. I had booties when I lived in Boston - dey definitely take some getting used to!

  2. Ever the stylish princess.
    Good job barkin up the neighbor!

  3. Hi Jelly! I sniffed you out over here and now I am following you.

  4. Yu wook so darn cute in yur lil' boodies an' coat!! We gedded tonz ob snows dis weekend, tu. 'Bout a fousand feetz ob it, I fink. 'Kay. Momma sez it r 'bout one feetz, bud dat r deep 'nuff dat a twail needs be digged out fur me cuz ob my short lil' leggies!

  5. you definitely gotta listen to your mommy, Jelly, and come in when it's cold like that!
    love Rudy and Izzy