Wednesday, 29 January 2014


I think I barked a few posts ago that I haven't been eating my kibble at breakfast time but I eat it at lunch time.  Then of course I don't eat my supper kibbles until later in the evening.  This is just history for what I am going to bark about.  Yesterday and today I had extra yummy kibbles at lunch time because Mommy put a couple of small spoons of soup on my kibble.  I only eat 1/4 cup of kibble per meal so I don't need much added to make it extra yummy.  Yesterday Mommy made chicken soup for lunch so I had chicken soup on my kibble.  Today she made vegetable soup so I had vegetable soup on my kibble.  Yummy! I just love soup on my kibble!  Mommy, what kind of soup are we having tomorrow?


  1. MMmmm, that does sound yummy! Hot soup is a good idea for a cold day.
    I wonder what you'll have tomorrow?!

  2. Wow, you jus' barely barked this! It looks like I spend all my time on the puter. Not really. We was jus outside helpin with the trash and sweepin snow offa the sidewalk. When we came in, here was your new entry!

  3. I hab neber habbed soop, bud if I r nod feewin' tu gud, Momma puts a lil' bid ob chiggen bwof in my water dish, so dat r kinda wike soop!