Wednesday, 29 January 2014


Today Mommy said we had to start sorting out our basement.  That exercise machine called "Octane" is being delivered on Friday and we had to prepare for it's arrival.  You may remember that we moved into our new house in November.  We sorted out the main floor before Christmas but we didn't do anything in the basement.  I don't like basements so I never go down there.  Mommy said I had to go down there today and she wouldn't carry me.  Mean Mommy!  Mommy put me on the first step going down and guided me down.  She said there is no reason I can't go up and down those stairs.  She said    
they are nice stairs and even carpeted.  I did get down there and was pleasantly surprised to find more house.  There is a room that Mommy calls a rec room, a bedroom and a laundry room.  Mommy gave me a nice bed to lay on and I watched her sorting through boxes.  After a couple of hours or days or months Mommy said that was enough and we had to go upstairs. No,no,no!  Mommy put me on the
first step and I went all the way up with no problem.  I still hate those stairs!  Mommy said I have to go down there again tomorrow.  She also said that I have to go down every day when she is using "Octane".  She said I will get used to it but I have my doubts.......These are those stairs:


  1. Baseyments are not too bad - I had one when I lived in Boston. My momma did da laundry down dere. I brought toys down dere and laid on da laundry.

  2. An' Notme gets down there sumtimes. Bad Notme.


    Good job on the stairs!

  3. We have stairs, but we don't have a basement. Our stairs go up. Unless we're up. Then they go down. It's complicated. But you have to be careful with down, that's how you can hurt your back! Just be careful!

  4. Crikey Jelly .... they don't look scary in the picture. How funny is Hershey. I know what he means though .... your stairs go down. Unless your down. Then they go up. Just the opposite to Hershey's, aye?? Don't hurt your back Jelly or you'll have to go to that fizzyo thingoe with your Momma.