Monday, 27 January 2014

More Snow/Pictures

We got a bunch more snow over night.  This morning it was really blowing and Mommy decided to stay home.  Yahoo!  The snow clearing guy came this afternoon and cleared our driveway.  He said he was out at 4 am clearing parking lots but they gave up at 6 am since it was snowing and blowing so bad.  I like watching this guy clear our snow.  Our driveway was only clear for about 2 hours when the City went down the street with a plow and blocked us in again.  The snow clearing guy said he is going to come back tomorrow morning and clear that big mound of snow.  Don't hurry snow clearing guy!  I want to keep my Mommy at home.

Mommy was looking through our pictures and found this head shot.  She says she loves this picture and wanted to share it.

My pal Zoe has been posting pictures of her Mommy where we can't really see her.  Mommy and I took a picture kind of like that awhile back.  I went and sniffed it out and here it is:

Mommy took the picture herself by holding the camera in front of us.  It took a few tries to get us both in.  BOL!

My Mommy wants to figure out how to make a nicer page.  She thinks we might even be able to have a photo page but she doesn't know how to do that.  She is going to have to do some sniffing around on this bloggy thing. 


  1. We put up some beginning tips.. but we will put up some more tips on backgrounds later...

  2. That snow movin guy has sum job security happenin right now!
    I 'member that piccie of you and your Mommy!

  3. Such key-ute pichurs ob yu, Jelly!! I need ged my butt in geer an' start figurin' out how du stuff 'wound here!

    Fanks fur yur helb, Whitwey an' Finwey! Yu gurls WOCK!!