Friday, 14 March 2014

Barking Morning/New Collar

This morning Mommy got up real early so I knew something was up.  Mommy and I are not morning peepoles/pups so we only get up early when we have to.  Sure enough it wasn't long before the doorbell rang. Bark, bark, bark, bark..........  Two guys came in and went downstairs to see the Octane thingy.  Mommy said it was making a grinding noise.  Bark, bark, bark, bark, bark....... I made sure those guys didn't steal any of my basement toys.  Bark, bark, bark, bark, bark........  Finally they left and Mommy said the Octame thingy was fixed.  Mommy then went out shopping while I did my morning sunbathing.  Mommy came home with some bags and one was for me.  She bought me some of my Zukes peanut butter treats and a new collar.  My old collar is starting to get a bit tight so Mommy thought I would be more comfortable with a bigger collar.  The collar I wear is a rolled leather collar.  Mommy says she prefers a rolled leather collar over a nylon collar because it doesn't make the collar mark around the neck.  She says it goes back to her show dog days because she always used rolled collars on the show dogs.  I have some nylon collars but Mommy wanted a rolled leather collar.  My new collar is burgundy just like the old one.  Here is my new collar:


  1. Good job barkin at the Octane doods. Grr, yu've got Mommy an Daddy innerested in those thingys now. They were lookin at 'em on the innernet an' findin out where to shop fur them 'round here.
    That is a nice collar! No bling on there yet. An' I'm kinda surprised it's not diamond encrusted! Bol!
    Mommy says she bets it smells good. New leather smells good to her.
    *Zoe rolls her eyes*

    1. Mommy wanted something like the Octane thingy for a couple of years but she didn't know what to get. She got an excellent opportunity to try the Octane thing at the fizzy-o-Ther-a-pee place for a few months. They love the machine because it is quiet and they have peepoles from 16 to 80 years of age using it. They have the basic model and say it is being used 5 hours a day/5 days per week and no problems. It has been there for five years so it has lots of miles on it. All the patients at the place love the Octane thing.

      Yep, the collar smells nice. This is my everyday collar but I will put some bling on it.

    2. There is a good XR6 Product Video 2014 on UTube. This is the machine we have.

  2. Good job on barkin those dudes!! And dat collar looks nice.

  3. Momma wuffs yur nu cowwar, Jelly. Uh, oh. Hur habs dat 'shoppin' wook in hur eyes. I bet I r gonna be geddin' sumfing nu soon, tu!

  4. Wow! I think I woud love to chew up a collar like that, leather? OMD!
    I want a red one, OK, Growlmy!
    I nevfur had a nice collar like yours, Jelly, mine are almost always blue, and yup...they are kitty brofurs nevfur wear one anymore because of exactly what your Mommy says...the fur gets all messed up.
    Hey why do I need one at all then?

    Woofs! BOL!
    My pawppy could use an octane machine. Hmmm...