Thursday, 13 March 2014

Car Ride

This morning Mommy asked me if I wanted to go for a car ride.  I was so excited because I haven't been for a car ride in about 3 months.  Mommy brought out my Sherpa bag and I jumped right in.  We drove just a short distance and Mommy stopped and carried me into a building.  I knew it was a vet clinic as soon as we walked in.  I have always had positive experiences at vet clinics so I didn't mind. There was a little pug sitting on her Mommy's lap in the waiting room.  The lady weighted me on a scale and asked Mommy some personal questions about me.  She asked my age, what my poopies are like, how I am eating, do I cough, do I throw up, what is my energy level etc etc.......  Then we sat and sat in the waiting room.  There was only one vet and they were having an emergency delivery of Pom pups.  Mommy finally said we had to leave because she had another appointment but we would be back.  Mommy had an appointment on the same street at the foot doctor place.  I waited in the car when Mommy went for her appointment.  Mommy wasn't very long and we were back at the vet in about 40 minutes.  They took us right in.  The vet was a nice lady and she looked me all over.  She said everything is good.  I was due for all my shots this year except for rabies.  I got two needles and I stood perfectly still and didn't feel a thing.  Then she shot some liquid in my mouth and told Mommy that was for kennel cough.  We are used to the liquid up the nose for kennel cough and had never seen the liquid in the mouth.  The liquid in the mouth was much better then trying to get all that fluid up my little nose.  After that the vet lady gave me a treat which was yummy.  Mommy went to the front counter and stuck her plastic card in a little machine and punched some buttons.  After that we loaded up in the car.  Mommy stopped and got gas and we went home.  I am now sleeping on my chaise lounge since I didn't get my regular afternoon nap.


  1. Yu are such a good pup.That's gud that yu got a yummy treat. Jus too back yu din't get to stop at a magic winnow place.

  2. How come you got to leave right away with your Mommy, but not I...I had to stay in there and be tortured and sprung out with a ransom...

    Maybe your vet has to teach mine the correct way to do things...

  3. Glad your vet visit went well Jelly.