Sunday, 16 March 2014


Do any of you pups have trouble with your reading list not showing up?  Ours seems to not show up about 25% of the time.  This makes it hard for me to follow the activities of all my pals. :(

I think spring might actually be here, I hope.  It is so nice and warm and the snow is melting.  This means lots of wet dirty feet for me.  We have a garden and Mommy says as soon as that mud is exposed I will likely have to go out on a leash.  :(. She said we are going to sod over the garden since she won't have time to maintain it and it will only be a big weed patch and a mud hole for me to run through.  I want to keep the garden because I like running in mud.  Anyways to help the mud and wet situation we are trying a special mat at the door.  Here it is:

Mommy said I am going to have to do sit-stays on the mat.  I am pretty good at doing sit-stays.

This mat is suppose to soak up 7 times it's weight in mud and water.  Has any pup ever tried a mat like this?


  1. We have problems with our readin list too, 'specially bad this mornin. Usually a "reload" of the page works.
    Let us know 'bout that new mat. Nefur heard of 'em.

    1. The lady at the store said they work good but she would have to say that if she wants to sell them. BOL!

  2. Kewl mat, Jelly! Wain an' mud seasun r 'bout tu start, we hope!

  3. Train Momma to give you a treat after she cleans your feetsies!

  4. Sometimes mine don't work right - I just refresh and dat seems to work.

  5. Crikey Jelly ... That mat looks great. If it works my Mum says she wants one for me. I've been having a bit of trouble with this bloggy thing too. Commenting is a bit of a nightmare. It keeps freezing up halfway through a comment and I have to start over again.

  6. I haven't had any troubles like that. yet.

    That mat looks comfy actually! If it was dry myself and my kitties could do sunbathing naps on it!