Monday, 10 March 2014

Hi Pups

Hi pups!  I haven't barked in a long time, all my typist's fault!  I would fire her if she wasn't my Mommy.

I thought I would start with this post being some pictures of me in my backyard.  This one is me that shows the neighbours chain link fence and the start of the wood fence.  Mommy shovels out for me
but I still go in the deep snow.  The second picture is me standing in the garden.  You can see by the
tomato plant cages that I am standing on lots of snow. There is a picture of me sniffing around at the grass where all the snow is melted.  Then there is a picture of me on the deck where I can see lots of things.  Just over the fence is the community mailboxes, I love barking at the peepoles and pups that go there.

I have to put all my pictures in a row because if wouldn't let me intermingle them with writing when we use our iPad.  We can intermingle them when we are on the regular computer but not the iPad.  Mommy says there has to be a way and she just doesn't know what to do.


  1. Sorry pups about the pictures being out of order and the sentences all crazy. This happens on the iPad. Mommy is going to have to get the camera going and use the desk top so I can have a better blog. It would be nice if she could figure out how to do this blog from her iPad.

  2. Hi, Jelly! Hab no fearz, sweet gurl! We r jus' gwad tu heer fwum yu! Momma pwefers tu use da desktop fur my bwog cuz hur can see eberyfing bedder on a 23 inch monitor! No kiddin', Momma! Hab yu downwoaded da Blogger app on yur iPad? It mite be helbful fur yu!
    Yur nayberhood r bery nu! I wuz nod 'xpectin' dat, bud I r nod shur why! BOL :D yur fenced-in yard r pawsum, Jelly! Yu can WUN WIKE da WIND out dere! WOO-HOO!!!

  3. Hi Pal! Finally yu get to bark at us!
    That is a bunch o' snow yu got there! Yu do like me, yu got a place shoveled fur yur "privacy please" and yu go all ofur the yard! Bol!
    Whut a great yard yu have. Yu and yur Mommy are really gonna enjoy that deck when it gets warmed up.

  4. No, we don't have a blogger app, we didn't even know there was one. I will have to go and sniff around the App Store and see if we can find it. Our house is in a new subdivision. Our house is 9 years old and there is lots of new homes still being built here

    Mommy gets frustrated when she shovels for me and then I walk on the top of the snow and do my potty in places that she can't get to. Mommy says she is not looking forward to the snow melting. BOL!

  5. Crikey Jelly ... that snow is soooooooo beautiful. I know you blokes and Sheilas are over it but I can't get enough of it. Mum so wants to go to your place in winter. She has NEVER seen snow like that and can't understand how you can live in it. I worry about all your feetses. Crikey that must be cold yet you still keep walking around on it. Aren't frozen poopsies easy to pick up?

    1. Dem shur r ezee tu pick up when dem r fwozen, 'cept if dem ged fwozed an' stuck tu da gwound! Den yu need use a shobel to bweak it outta da ice. Bud if yu go outside tu pick it up on a sunny an' warmer day wike dis day, it r a swoppy mess an' yu gotta hold yur bwefs an' nod wook at it, jus' scoop it an' wun fur yur wife!!!!

    2. Charlie, we call 'em "poopcicles"! Agreed, much easier to pick up when they're frozed. An' yeah, they get good an messy sumtimes. Sumtimes yu jus' gotta wait 'til the spring thaw to find alla them too.
      But then again, we're dogs. We leave the pickin up to the pawrents. Bol!

  6. BOL! Mommy is laughing at you Zaidie. Like you said on a nice day it can become a sloppy wet mess. The problem is when it freezes again and then it is struck in the ice. Sometimes it freezes so deep into the ice that you can't get it and have to wait for it to unthaw again.

  7. Momma jus' camed in fwum duin' dat, Jelly! Dis day it maded hur gag! It gedded intu da high 40s (F) here dis day! Wotza meltin' all ober da pwace! Summer r pwacticawwy here!!! WOO-HOO!

  8. Wow, dat are a whole lotta snow!

  9. Yes, we got a whole lot of melting snow right now...and you all know what growlmy's next major work assignment will be...
    We got up to 50F! It felt tropical! But weatherman dud says more snow coming soon 6 inches...and deep freeze once again. YUCK!

    Um...If I do my jobs in the snow they just have been disappearing...that is until the snow melts...I wonder how many wagon loads will be needed...