Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Handy Man Guy Was Back

I had an exciting morning because the handyman guy came again.  I got to bark at him when he arrived.  I am getting to know him so I settled down quickly and spent my time watching him work.  Mommy had him install a window over top of the window in the front door.  This new window has a built in mini blind.  On the side panel Mommy got him to put on some privacy film. It was a bit tricky and needed the two of them.  I will show you what I mean.  This is the original door:

These are pictures of the door after the new overtop window and privacy film is installed:

In the first picture the blind is down with the mini blinds open, the second picture has the mini blinds  closed.  The third picture has the whole blind up.  Mommy thinks this is a good window covering solution for the steel door.


  1. Like!
    Looks great Pal!

    I have those mini blinds in My back door. They were already there when Daddy and Brother put the door in. Mommy really likes them. :-)

    1. We have seen the doors that have them preinstalled. Since our door was in good shape this was the best alternative to getting a new door. Mommy didn't want to drill holes into the door to hang a window covering. She did think about the magnetic rods but liked this better.

  2. Yup...when we had new doors installed the windows were not too private either, and growlmy didn't want those 'inside' mini blinds...don't ask...BOL!
    So we hung swags on a magnetic rod...we live rurally so privacy isn't too much of an issue.

  3. Neat too. My Mum LOVES neat!!!!! Not me .... The messier the better I say!