Sunday, 16 March 2014

Sucky Machine's Friend

I have a new monster at my house.  The worst monster is the sucky machine and as you pups may know I hate the sucky machine!  I stay totally out of its way because it could suck up a small pup like me.  To make matters worse the sucky machine now has a friend.  This new monster hisses and lets out steam and Mommy calls it steam mop.  Every Saturday these monsters come out.  The sucky machine goes all over the house with Mommy at its side.  Next comes the steam mop.  Mommy always gives it a big drink of water before she starts.  That steam mop gets so angry that it starts hissing and steaming right after the drink.  I think it doesn't like the water.  The steam mop runs around the kitchen, bathrooms and front entrance.  Mommy seems to like the steam mop.  I just stay out of its way.  Do any of you pups have a monster like steam mop?


  1. Yikes! That steam mop sounds like sumfin not to be messed with! We don't got anything like that. The swiffer sweeper thingy we have isn't skeery at all.
    Be careful there Pal!

  2. We have the swiffer stuff too. Our weekly cleaning is:
    1. Dust with swiffer
    2.clean bathrooms and kitchen
    3. Sucky machine whole house
    4. Dry swiffer floors
    5. Steam kitchen, bathroom and entrance floors
    6. Bona mop hardwood in living room and dining room

    The swiffer and the bona are not scarey. The sucky machine and steamer are very scary.

  3. We has dis thing wif da water dat goes on da carpets too. It are a nightmare!

  4. Crikey ... And I thought only cats and snakes hissed!!!!!!!!

  5. We hab a noizee sucky macheen an' a hole bunch ob non-noizee sweepin' fings. We also hab a noizsee fing dat geds filled wif water an' sucks 'wound if I du da urka gurkas on carpet. Whitwey r wite - it r a nitemare!! I wun tu da fwont door an' hope sumone will open it so I can ged out!! Dem neber du, doe. Weerd. (BOL)

    1. I always chase and bark at the hoover monster

  6. Whitley hates da sucky macheens so much dat she's killed a coupla of 'em...bol!

  7. I seem to be indiffurent to those sucky machines...and get this, I like to feel the small wand on my furs! I beg growlmy to use it! OMD! I am a weirdo kitty brofurs hide...

  8. We have a sucky monster! Its lair is near the front door. Once a week or so it escapes and starts to roar and chases mommy all ovfur the house until she can wrestle it back into its lair. As soon as I see it, I run upstairs and bury myself in the covers on mommy's bed!

    Winkie won't even move out of its way. That dog is crazy!!

  9. BOL ~ We have a sucky machine that comes out every couple days for just one simple room. Imagine if we had a whole house with carpet - it might never go off....ever!

    We have a really noisy sucky machine that makes the carpet wet, but for some reason makes Mom preen about how she enjoys a dirty paw free carpet. This can only come out once a month since it has water that spits out of it.

    Then we have a steamer machine for the hardwoods. That one spits and hisses, but we all scatter to the safe areas and then get glared at when we try and escape across the "clean" spots.