Wednesday, 29 January 2014


Today Mommy said we had to start sorting out our basement.  That exercise machine called "Octane" is being delivered on Friday and we had to prepare for it's arrival.  You may remember that we moved into our new house in November.  We sorted out the main floor before Christmas but we didn't do anything in the basement.  I don't like basements so I never go down there.  Mommy said I had to go down there today and she wouldn't carry me.  Mean Mommy!  Mommy put me on the first step going down and guided me down.  She said there is no reason I can't go up and down those stairs.  She said    
they are nice stairs and even carpeted.  I did get down there and was pleasantly surprised to find more house.  There is a room that Mommy calls a rec room, a bedroom and a laundry room.  Mommy gave me a nice bed to lay on and I watched her sorting through boxes.  After a couple of hours or days or months Mommy said that was enough and we had to go upstairs. No,no,no!  Mommy put me on the
first step and I went all the way up with no problem.  I still hate those stairs!  Mommy said I have to go down there again tomorrow.  She also said that I have to go down every day when she is using "Octane".  She said I will get used to it but I have my doubts.......These are those stairs:


I think I barked a few posts ago that I haven't been eating my kibble at breakfast time but I eat it at lunch time.  Then of course I don't eat my supper kibbles until later in the evening.  This is just history for what I am going to bark about.  Yesterday and today I had extra yummy kibbles at lunch time because Mommy put a couple of small spoons of soup on my kibble.  I only eat 1/4 cup of kibble per meal so I don't need much added to make it extra yummy.  Yesterday Mommy made chicken soup for lunch so I had chicken soup on my kibble.  Today she made vegetable soup so I had vegetable soup on my kibble.  Yummy! I just love soup on my kibble!  Mommy, what kind of soup are we having tomorrow?

Monday, 27 January 2014

More Snow/Pictures

We got a bunch more snow over night.  This morning it was really blowing and Mommy decided to stay home.  Yahoo!  The snow clearing guy came this afternoon and cleared our driveway.  He said he was out at 4 am clearing parking lots but they gave up at 6 am since it was snowing and blowing so bad.  I like watching this guy clear our snow.  Our driveway was only clear for about 2 hours when the City went down the street with a plow and blocked us in again.  The snow clearing guy said he is going to come back tomorrow morning and clear that big mound of snow.  Don't hurry snow clearing guy!  I want to keep my Mommy at home.

Mommy was looking through our pictures and found this head shot.  She says she loves this picture and wanted to share it.

My pal Zoe has been posting pictures of her Mommy where we can't really see her.  Mommy and I took a picture kind of like that awhile back.  I went and sniffed it out and here it is:

Mommy took the picture herself by holding the camera in front of us.  It took a few tries to get us both in.  BOL!

My Mommy wants to figure out how to make a nicer page.  She thinks we might even be able to have a photo page but she doesn't know how to do that.  She is going to have to do some sniffing around on this bloggy thing. 

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Snow, Snow and More Snow!

We sure got lots of snow this weekend!  Our snow clearing guy came twice yesterday and Mommy was sure glad to see him.  Today the City plowed our street and now we have a big pile of snow up to Mommy's waist across the driveway.  Mommy called the snow clearing guy and hopes he will get here before she has to go out tomorrow.  Actually I  hope that he doesn't come and hopefully Mommy will have to stay home.

I went outside with my coat and booties this weekend.  I don't mind the coat but I sure hate the booties. 
Here is a picture taken a couple of years ago of me with my coat and booties. I wanted to post it so you can see what they look like.  I have to get Mommy taking some new pictures of me so I can post them on this bloggy thing. See all the reflective material on the coat and booties??  Mommy says that is so I can be seen in the dark which is a good thing considering I am a black pup.

This evening I went outside for a quick potty so I didn't wear my coat and booties.  The problem is the neighbour dog behind us was out so I was busy barking at him through the fence.  I ignored the fact that I was getting cold.  Finally when I came in I was very cold.  I am fine now and Mommy says I have to come in when I start to get cold. 

Friday, 24 January 2014

Crazy Bike

It is still rather boring around here.  This week has been very cold so there hasn't been as much activity outside to bark at and I haven't wanted to be outside for very long.  I have patio doors in the kitchen that make a real good lookout.  Our house is up high so from my lookout I can see over the six foot fence.  From my lookout I can see our community mailboxes.  This is where all the activity is.  People come to pick up their mail.  Some of them stop their cars to get their mail and others walk to the mailbox.  It gets real exciting when people bring their pups to the mailbox.  I have to tell those pups that this is my house and my yard.  People don't go and get their mail as often in the cold weather but in the spring watch out!  There should be lots of activity around here.  The patio door lookout is also very good for sunbathing.  The sun comes in there in the morning and it is heavenly. 

Today Mommy was away for hours and hours and hours and hours.  What is that Mommy?  Don't exaggerate??  Mommy says she was gone for four hours but I say it was more than that.  Of course she had her physiotherapy to go to.  Then she said she bought some kind of cross between an exercise bike/ recumbent bike and elliptical thing which I will bark about later. After that she had a few more errands and finally came home to me. We then had some yummy lunch.  I have started not eating my kibbles in the morning but I eat them at lunch time.  Mommy cut up some pieces of meat loaf and put it on top of my kibbles and I ate it all up. Yummy!

Mommy tried to explain this crazy bike thing that she bought.  She called it "Octane".  You can see it at and it is called a seated elliptical model XR6ce.  She said she got a really good deal on a floor model.  I don't get it because she says she will pedal and it goes no where.  What good is that?  I much prefer our bike with my basket in the front.  Anyways some peepoles are coming on Friday to deliver it and set it up.  It is suppose to take about two hours to set it up so I have some excitement in my future next week.  I will get Mommy to take some pictures of this crazy thing. 

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

It is Cold Outside and Boring Inside

It sure is cold outside today.  On the weekend we got lots of snow.  Today is sunny and cold.  As I bark it is -21 C or -5 F and it is going to -27 C or -17 F tonight.  Outside potty breaks are brief and I run out to do my business and right back in. 

All the cold weather makes for a rather boring day and to top it off my Mommy was out most of the day.  She went to her physiotherapy this morning.  For you new readers my Mommy broke her foot very badly in June so she has to go to physiotherapy.  I have never been there so I don't know for sure what it is about but I think they make her do all kinds stretches and exercises.  She comes home and does some exercises and says that is what she does at the physiotherapy place.  Boring!  On the good side Mommy came home for lunch which at least broke up my boring day.  In the afternoon she went to her new dentist for the first time so I had a boring afternoon.  You new time readers need to know that we just moved to Kingston in November so everything is new to us.  It ended up the Dentist was from Winnipeg (where we come from) so Mommy got to do some Winnipeg talk with him.  She had her "new patient" exam and a cleaning and check.  Mommy needed to have one filling redone and had it done right away because the dentist had time.  This meant she was gone for most of the afternoon which was boring for me.  Can you believe the bill was over $700.00??  Mommy says she is happy that it is covered with her dental plan.  I say enjoy it while you can because I am due to see my vet in March and we have no insurance for that!

I hope that Mommy and I can have a nice quiet evening together.

Monday, 20 January 2014

Hi Every Pup

This is my first blog or as we used to say on Dogster my first diary entry.  I hope I can find all my pals from Dogster and encourage them to start a blog too.  Us pups just have to keep on barking and we have to keep up to date on the activities of our pals!

For those of you that didn't know me from Dogster I am a female affenpinscher.  I want to be very clear right from the beginning that I am a Princess and I expect to be treated as such.  I have my very own chaise lounge, my very own day bed and my very own car seat.  At night I sleep in the big bed with Mommy.  I have lots and lots of toys. Mommy is my typist and sometimes she gets sloppy on the job and I have to nip at her heels.  I will catch you new pups up in future blogs but you know the important stuff now.  As long as you remember that I am a Princess you can't go wrong.

We got lots of snow this weekend and Mommy has been out shoveling.  I was not too impressed a few times because Mommy didn't shovel a big enough area outside.  As another update I just moved into our new house a couple of months ago and Mommy had a fence built for me.  I really think Mommy should shovel out the whole yard for me but so far I have not been successful with that idea. 

Please comment pups because I really want to know who is reading my blog.  If nothing else just drop in and say HI!