Sunday, 14 May 2017

Safety Tip

Today is Sunday and I love Sunday because Mommy doesn't go to work.  We slept in this morning and then had a nice breakfast.  All last weekend it rained and rained so it was nice to see the sun this morning.  Here I am enjoying the sun:

It isn't hot out and was about 12 degrees C.  You pups are going to have to figure out what that is in F.  It makes my head spin thinking of that calculation.  I really enjoyed the sun!

We got new living room furniture that I barked about last time.  I think it was very considerate of Mommy to buy tables that have a little step that help me reach things on the table.  Here I am using the step:

Don't you think that is considerate?  Mommy doesn't seem to like me using the step, I don't get it.....

This week we got the lamps to finish off our living room.  Here is a picture:

This lamp is a tri light which means there is three different light levels.  The people at the store told Mommy to always use tri light bulbs in tri light lamps or you would be risking having a fire.  This is an important safety tip for you to tell your pawrents.  Mommy didn't know this and has put regular bulbs in tri light lamps. The people at the store actually showed her burnt sockets that had been on fire for this reason.  We will never put a regular bulb in a tri lamp again.