Thursday, 20 February 2014

Oh Oh!!!

Remember I barked about the man called Handyman who was at my house yesterday? One of the many jobs that he did was to install a new kitchen tap.  Our old tap was just a regular tap but it was installed wrong and was all wiggly.  Mommy said she could have just had it fixed but she wanted a different tap so while she was at it she figured she might as well get what she wanted.  Sounds boring, right?  This is where the big "oh oh" comes in.  This tap pulls out and has a hose on it.  Mommy says it is perfect to bath me with.  I am only 8 lbs and fit into the sink perfectly.  So, now she is saying I need a spa day which includes a full grooming with a bath.  If I had know that Handyman was installing something to give me a bath I would have nipped his heels.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Exciting Day

Today was a real good barking day.  Mommy went to her physiotherapy place in the morning so I got to have my morning nap in the sun beam.  The excitement started in the afternoon when a guy called "Handyman" came to our house.  Mommy had a big list of jobs for him to do.  My Mommy is still not allowed to go on a ladder so there are lots of little jobs she can't do.  The people who used to own our house didn't do any of the little jobs that come up so we are cleaning up the mess that was left.  Handyman installed a new kitchen tap, installed two new shower heads, re-caulked two bathtubs, fixed a bathroom light, replaced batteries in the smoke detectors, fixed the doorbell and replaced a number of burned out light bulbs.  I had a great time barking at him and watching him work.  Mommy was very happy to get all those jobs done.

Friday, 14 February 2014

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day!  I hope every pup is having a good day although some are getting lots of snow.  We got about 5 cm last night and Mommy was out shovelling.

Every morning the first thing that Mommy says to me is, "Good morning Sweet Muffin."  This morning the first thing she said was ,"Happy Valentines Day Sweet Muffin."  Mommy even had presents for me.  She bought me a cute pink Princess sweater, a bag of Zukes peanut butter treats and a bag of 100% chicken tenders.  I don't normally go for clothing but I am a smart pup and I appreciate sweaters and coats that keep me warm.  I do like my Princess sweater.  Those treats are also very yummy.  Here is a couple of pictures:

Thursday, 13 February 2014

In Shock

I was shocked to hear that Dogster isn't closing down the community area.  One part of me is very happy because Dogster has been so important to us over the past few years.  We have had lots of fun there and made so many good friends. We were really going to miss Dogster and were feeling sad about loosing some pals. We were even thinking that Christmas wouldn't be the same without the Christmas card exchange. The other part of me has so many questions.  What exactly will Dogster look like.  Will we still have our pages?  Will we still have diaries and group pages?  Will pups who left return?  Right now there is so many questions and no answers.  I know I have to be a patient pup and wait to see what happens.  For now we will keep our blog and go sniff around Dogster too.  What are you doing?

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Westminster Dog Show/Patio Lookout

Last night Mommy and I enjoyed watching the Westminster Dog Show.  The toy group was judged.  The affenpinscher that won the breed was Banana Joe's son.  If you don't know, Banana Joe won best in show last year.  He has a very handsome son.  Tonight is the terrier judging and best in show judging.  If you can, you should watch.

Today is a a very sunny day and I have been enjoying my patio lookout post.  Here are some pictures of me enjoying the sun:

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Westminister Dog Show

Tomorrow is the start of the Westminister Dog Show.  Half of the group judging will be on TV tomorrow and the other half with Best in Show will be on Tuesday evening.  In Canada it will be on Discovery World.  You can also see it later in the week on Animal Planet.  Maybe some pup can fill us in as to what channels it is on in the USA??  Charlie, can you see the show on your TV?

You can also check out the Westminister Dog Show website and watch the breed judging.  Mommy and I will be checking it out!

Mommy had to subscribe to Discovery World so we can see it tomorrow.  She thinks it is worth it to see the judging live.  In past years it played live on Animal Planet and National Geographic which are stations we have but not this year.  We can cancel Discovery World next month if we decide to.

Last year the handsome affenpincher Banana Joe won best in show.  It was so exciting to see him win.  I wonder who will win this year?

Are any of you pups watching Westminister?

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Picture Taking

My pal Zaidie posted a series of pictures showing how he avoids looking at the camera and drives his Mommy crazy.  I do the same thing!  Here is a series of photos that Mommy took trying to get my picture at Christmas.  We go through this every time .  Hee-hee!!  Here it goes......

Good Watching Day

Today is a very sunny day although there is lots of snow outside.  This made for lots of activity around here.  Here is a picture taken from my front door.  Look at all the snow!

I have two good look out spots.  The first is from my patio doors in the kitchen.  From there I can see my backyard and the neighbours.  This made for good entertainment watching the dog behind me and the next door neighbours shovelling.  My second lookout point is at the front of the house from my
sofa in the living room.  I get a real good view there from the big bay window.  Today there was lots of cars, snow clearing equipment, pups going on walks and peepoles going in and out of the houses.  This was a good watching day.  Here is a picture of my sofa lookout:

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Puppy Pictures

My pal Zaidie gave me a good idea today when he posted some puppy pictures.  I thought I would post some too.  Thanks for the great idea Zaidie!  I thought there may be some new pups reading my blog so they might want to see some puppy pictures.  Also some of my existing pals might want to see them too.

I came to live with my Mommy when I was four months old.  A couple of days after I got home Mommy bought me a celebration cake and invited some of her peepole friends over.  This is the cake that she bought me:

In the early days Mommy was calling me "Jellybean" because I reminded her of a little black jellybean.  BOL!!

Here I am with my Mommy and the cake:

We had a very nice party!

Here is a picture of me at 4 months old:

Do you see the big difference between me then and now????  Here my ears are down but now my ears are up.  In these four month old pictures my ears are taped down.  Affenpinschers can have either up ears or down ears.  At teething time the ears do weird things so the peepoles taped them down.  It didn't take them long to figure out that I have the up type of ears.

Here is another picture at 4 months:

Here I am relaxing after my big party:

Now I will post a few pictures of me at 6 months old:

Here I have up ears.  What a cute little face!

Another 6 month old picture:

In this picture I just got this cool purse to travel in.  I liked it right away!

Another 6 month old picture:

Here I am with my monkey.  When I first saw this monkey I was scared of him because he screams really loud.  I would hide in the hallway while Mommy made him scream in the living room.  It didn't take me long to build up my courage and I eventually loved my monkey.  Since then I have had three of these monkeys.  When the voice box dies Mommy buys me another one.  I still play with my monkey. 

Do you like my baby pictures??

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

More Snow and Good News

We are having another snow storm right now.  It started to snow last night and it has just been snowing and snowing and snowing all day.  The snow is so deep that it would be over my head!  :0   We are suppose to get 25 cm or 10 inches of snow.  Mommy thinks we have had much more than that already.  This morning Mommy had to shovel at least a foot of snow off our deck and shovel the stairs and a potty area for me.  Later in the afternoon she shoveled another foot off the deck so I could potty.  She looked out the front and we have drifts over Mommy's knees.  She said she is going to wait for the snow clearing guy to do the front. 

The good part of this storm is Mommy was home all day. In the morning I went down into the basement and watched Mommy exercise.  She went on that Octane thing and peddled like crazy and flapped her arms.  Crazy, just crazy!  After that she was pushing against the wall and said she was doing her stretches.  Then she does a silly exercise where she goes sideways and stops and squats and just keeps repeating it.  She did take a few breaks and played with toys with me.  After that we went upstairs and she did some more crazy things flapping her legs and arms laying on the bed.  In the afternoon we sat in the big chair and watched TV.  These storms are not all that bad because they keep Mommy at home.

We do have some very big news.  Mommy has been cleared to return to work.  Her limitations are she is limited to walking and standing for 30 minutes and lifting 20 lbs.  I am not happy about her being able to return to work but I am happy that she is getting better.  For those of you that don't know my Mommy broke her foot in June and it has been a long and slow recovery.  She is going to take 5 weeks of vacation so she isn't going to work yet.  I am glad because this will give me a chance to get used to the idea of her going back to work.

Sunday, 2 February 2014


As an update to Ground Hog day I have some very important news to report.  I am not alone in predicting spring is around the corner.  The ground hog called Winnipeg Willow (who is in Winnipeg) didn't see her shadow so she says spring is coming soon.  There is the very knowledgeable ground hog from Nova Scotia called Shubenacadie Sam who also predicts an early spring.  Also Fred le Marmotte the wirey little ground hog from Quebec  reports an early spring.  Then I got a report from Environment Canada that says the cold weather will stay for all of February.  Grrrrrr......  I don't believe Environment Canada.  My money is with Willow, Sammy and Freddie!  Way to go Ground Hogs!  Let's hear it for an early spring!!  Yahoo!  Party time.................

Ground Hog Day

Today is Ground Hog Day which is the day that little ground hog comes out of his hole and tells us if we get six more weeks of winter.  If he sees his shadow we get six more weeks of winter and if not then spring is around the corner.  In Canada we have the ground hog called Wiarton Willy.  It was reported that he saw his shadow so that means six more weeks of winter.  Mommy said she could wring his little neck but I know she doesn't really mean that.  I want to let Wiarton Willy know that here in Kingston we have Kingston Jelly (which means ME).  When I went out this morning I didn't see my shadow so that means spring is just around the corner!  What do you think of that Wiarton????  Mommy says she likes my prediction much better.

Since I am barking about winter I have to say we didn't get as much snow as predicted.  Mommy and I got up and expected lots of snow to clear but there wasn't.  Mommy shoveled the back deck and my little potty place and there was only about 2 cm of crusty wet snow.  We don't know what was out front because our snow clearing guy must have been at our house real early and had it cleaned up but we don't think it was much.  Mommy sometimes wonders why we have a snow clearing guy.  He came today and cleared off the little bit of snow but we know the city will be plowing (more because of the melting mushy mess then the amount of new snow) and Mommy is going to have to go out and shovel that heavy mountain of snow that the plow leaves in our driveway.  I wonder why we have him too.  He didn't even have the decency to come at a respectable time so I could bark at him! If I can't bark at him then he is no good.  Hmmmm..... I just had a thought.  I wonder if he is scared of my barking and that is why he came so early???

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Octane Arrived/ More Snow

Yesterday that bike/elliptical thingy called Octane arrived that I barked about in my blog a few days ago.  They said it would arrive between 8 am and 9 am so Mommy made me get up early.  Mommy had the alarm set at some crazy dark o'clock time.  It was awful getting up so early!  Since Mommy has been off work we get up at a light o'clock time which is much better. So, we were all ready for 8 am.  We waited and waited and waited!  Finally they came at 10 am.  I got up at dark o'clock, went potty in the dark and ate my breakfast too early for no reason!  Grrrr.... So, I really let those guys have it with my barking when they arrived.  They had to carry that 300 lb machine down the stairs which served them right.  They set up the machine and left.  Mommy went to use the machine and it wasn't displaying things on the screen so she had to call them back.  Some different guys showed up and it was just a loose wire.  Everything is working on the machine now.

I am now spending time downstairs because Mommy wants me to go down with her when she sits and peddles and flaps her arms.  At least Mommy put a comfy bed for me there so I can supervise in comfort.  I just don't get all that energy being used for nothing!

We are having another snow storm!  This time we are suppose to get 10 cm of snow.  Grrrrrr.....  I will have to get my Mommy out there shoveling!