Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year every pup and peepoles!

I have been having a great Christmas.  Santa Paws was here and I got treats and toys.  It has been real nice being home with Mommy.  

Our oven quit working so it was the perfect excuse for Mommy to buy all new kitchen appliances at the Boxing Day sales.  She wanted new appliances and could not see spending money to repair the stove.  She said she saved over $1000.00 over the regular prices for the stove, fridge and dish washer.  The whole thing is boring but it made for some real good barking and supervising.  One day the handyman guy came and disconneected the dish washer.  The next day some guys came and removed all three appliances and brought the new ones.  Mommy said she donated the old ones to a church who was looking for appliances. She doesn't think it will cost much to repair the stove.  Then today the handyman guy was back and connected the dish washer.  My kitchen is now back to normal.

Tomorrow I am in for more fun because we are taking down our tree and other ornaments.  See you next year Christmas tree!  Our tree lives in the basement in a box all year and is only upstairs for the month of December.

We still don't have snow although it just recently got colder.  Tonight it is going to -8 C or 17.6 F.  Tomorrow is a high of -2 C or 28.4 F and a low of -5C or 23F.

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Christmas Eve Barking

I hope all you pups are ready for Christmas.  We are ready with the tree up, presents bought and wrapped and all the yummies in the house.  It looks like we are going to have a green Christmas this year.  Mommy and I have never experienced a green Christmas so this will be new to us.  Here is a picture of me in my backyard taken today:

As you can see no snow.  If you look on the right side you will see the fencing Mommy put up to keep me in a small section for the winter.

Here is a picture of me looking out on my Kingdom from my deck.  I would not look at Mommy today while she was taking pictures and it drove her crazy!  BOL!

On another subject, here is a picture of our Niece taken a couple of years ago with her pup:

She is 24 years old and a nurse.  We are all real proud of her.

Here is a picture of her boyfriends dog.  He is 180 lbs and is a big goofy Beethoven pup.

I had lots of fun this week supervising the handyman guy installing our TV in the kitchen.  Then the next day the cable guy came which was lots of fun.  Mommy is not real techy but she managed to get the blue ray player installed and the Netflex working.  Now she says she has to figure out what to do with all the wires.  Here is our kitchen TV:(see the wire mess)

Wishing every pup a Happy and safe Christmas!

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Miscellaneous Barking

I started this entry on Sunday but my lazy typist did not finish it.  This is what I barked on Sunday:

I do tend to snore when I sleep. It is because of my little pushed in nose.  Normally the snoring isn't bad but last night I really snored loud.  I snored so loud that I woke Mommy up at 1:30 am.  Mommy was in a sound sleep and at first she couldn't figure out where the noise came from.  I was curled up with Mommy so she woke me up and said not to snore.  As if I have any control in it!  Sorry Mommy.

You may know how I hate sucky machines. Well, yesterday showed promise with our sucky machine not sounding very good.  Mommy thinks we might have to get a new one.  I say we don't need one but Mommy says we do.  We need a machine for hardwood, ceramic tile, vinyl and carpet on the main floor and laminate in the basement.  Mommy is making me ask this question, what kind of sucky machine do your peepoles like?  Please say they don't like sucky machines.

Now for Wednesday:

Mommy came home from work and said she is not going back to work until January!  Our Christmas holidays have begun!  (Jelly does a happy dance)

Tomorrow should be interesting as the handy guy is coming over.  Mommy wants him to install a TV on the kitchen wall.  Yep, you heard me right.  Mommy said she can cook and watch TV or we can sit at the kitchen table and watch TV.  I see lots of barking and supervising in my future.  That now makes three TVs in our house for me and Mommy.

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Poochie Bells and Christmas Tree

My pal Zaidie barked about his poochie bells.  I wanted to show all you pups my poochie bells.  I ring them when I have to go outside potty.  Mommy ignored the bells a couple of times and she ended up having to clean up some potty off the floor so now she always comes running.  You just have to train your peepoles and it works great.  Here are my poochie bells:

My Mommy is real lazy when it comes to our Christmas tree.  Our tree is a fake :0 !  It is one piece and four feet tall.  Mommy just has to put it in the base and plug it in since it has built in lights.  She adds a few decorations and some garland and instant tree in about 20 minutes.  Here is our tree:

You can see my chaise lounge just to the left with my big doggie pillow that is as big as me.  It is nice snuggling in my pillow on the chaise lounge by the tree.

Wednesday, 10 December 2014


Oh my dog, did we ever get a bunch of snow.  We had to have got 25 to 30 cm of snow.  It snowed and snowed all day Wednesday.  Mommy stayed home and worked from home.  She sat at the dining room table with her lap top, papers all over, her cell phone and our home phone. From where she sat she could look out the living room windows and the dining room windows. The phones were ringing and Mommy was talking.  There was one point where she was talking on both phones at the same time. Yap, yap,yap, yap......  It was boring talking but kind of funny to watch.  This is exactly what I see Mommy do at work. It was nice having Mommy at home.  Every time I wanted to go potty Mommy went out and shovelled an area for me.  The snow clearing guy came about 5 pm and cleared the driveway.  It has snowed lots since then so Mommy is hoping he will be back before she has to go to work in the morning.i like snow days when Mommy stays home.

Saturday, 6 December 2014


Sold!  That is our house in Winnipeg is sold.  We moved out of there almost five years ago and have had three different tenants in the house.  Mommy decided it was too many problems being a landlord so when the most recent tenants decided they had to move Mommy decided to sell the house.  It sold fast going in four weeks.  The new Peepoles wanted to move in quickly so the empty house appealed to them and they are taking it over December 30th.  It is kind of sad that I will never get to play in that backyard again.  Oh well, Mommy said I have to focus on the nice yard I have in Kingston.  Mommy will be happier not to have to worry about that Winnipeg house that is millions and millions of miles away. You know what they say, a happy Mommy makes for a happy pup.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014


It was absolutely embarrassing yesterday.  I will explain.  Mommy put me outside in the dark to go potty before I went to bed.  I have barked how she set up some exercise pen type panels to keep me in a smaller section of the yard for the winter.  I was outside minding my own business looking for that perfect potty place when I saw a white rabbit on the other side of the pen.  I went running at the rabbit and ran face first right into the pen.  It was dark and in my excitement I forgot the pen was there. I shook my head and came into the house. Once Mommy realized that I was fine she was laughing at me!  Yea, it is real funny to see your little pup run face first into the fence!  She is even laughing as she types this.  Bad Mommy!

Saturday, 29 November 2014

Hide Toys

One of the things I like to do best is hide toys.  I have enjoyed doing this since a little puppy.  I will carry a toy around the house and search and search for the perfect hiding spot.  I will show you some pictures.

This picture shows some toys in one of my beds.

Here are some toys that I hid.

A closer shot of hidden toys.  I love hiding toys!  Do you hide toys?

Sunday, 23 November 2014

This and That

I got home from the kennel a week ago.  Everything was fine at the kennel.  I had to keep the pups in line and supervise the whole place.  I don't know how that place survives when I am not there!  Mommy doesn't think I have to go back to the kennel until the end of January.

Mommy said she had a good time on her Winnipeg trip.  I don't think she could have a good time without me.

Last weekend after we got home Mommy pulled all the flowers out.  They still looked nice but snow was in the forecast so out they came.  Mommy also sectioned off the yard for the winter so now I only get a small section.  Mommy says she doesn't want to worry about me running all over the yard in the winter.  I am only 8 lbs so usually I can walk on top of the snow.  Mommy then has to keep the snow shovelled around the fence so I don't walk over.  She also doesn't like it when I do my poopy on top of a big snow bank and she can't get there to pick it up.  It is boring being confined to a small area but when it is cold I don't want to be out much so it won't be so bad.

This week we got our first blast of winter.  It was cold and snowy.  Mommy liked having the car in the attached garage.  She just walks into the garage, jumps in the car and drives away.  There is no scrapping windows and she doesn't even have to walk in snow.  It is real nice because we have a snow clearing guy too that had the driveway all shovelled when we woke up in the morning.  Right now it is warm outside and most of the snow has melted.  By Monday it is suppose to be up to 15 C (60F) so all the snow should disappear.

That about covers everything here.  

Thursday, 6 November 2014


I am back at the kennel.  Mommy traveled to Winnipeg today and took me to the kennel last night.  There are only two of us at the kennel right now, me and one cute little pug girl.  I know we are going to have a great time playing , going for walks and having treats.  This is the best kennel place that I have ever been too.  

My Mommy is not a morning person so it was hard on her having to get up at 4 am today to get to the airport.  She got delayed in Toronto because the airplane had some fluid leaks.  They had to sit on the tarmac for an hour waiting for the repairs.  She is now in Winnipeg.

I will be at the kennel for a week.  A whole week of fun is in front of me!

Friday, 31 October 2014

My Birthday

It is my Birthday!  I actually have two birthdays.  I will explain.  My litter mates were born on Oct 30th and I was born last and was born on Oct 31.  On my Canadian Kennel Club papers it says my birthday is Oct 30th, there is no option to give pups from the same litter different birthdays.  So I have my CKC birthday on the 30th and my real birthday on the 31st.  This works out well for me because I celebrate both days!  Yesterday on my first birthday I got a special long walk, extra play time outside, lots of extra attention and chicken mixed in my kibble.  Today I celebrated my birthday by helping Mommy hand out Halloween treats.  Isn't it nice that all those kids come to my house every year to celebrate my birthday?  I dressed up like a pumpkin and everyone thought I was cute.  I had 31 kids come to my house this year to celebrate my birthday.

Monday, 13 October 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to every pup.  In Canada it was Thanksgiving on Monday.  I like Thanksgiving because I eat turkey and Mommy is home for a long weekend.  Mommy took Friday off too so she was home for four days.  

We organized our shed, organized the garage and did some organizing in the basement too.  Mommy bought three small sets of shelves and put them together.  One set was for the shed, one for the garage and one for the basement.  We covered the air conditioner for the winter, did laundry, Mommy went grocery shopping and we did house work.  We also did fun stuff.  The weather was real nice so I spend extra time in the yard.  Mommy played games with me and we watched a few movies.  Mommy also made us a Thanksgiving dinner.  She cooked a turkey breast and we had mashed potatoes and all the fixings.  I got to have some turkey, green beans and potato in my kibble.  Yummy!  I even got a taste of pumpkin pie.  Yummy!

It was a real nice four days!

Sunday, 12 October 2014


Today is a very nice sunny day.  Mommy and I are going outside to organize our shed and garage. I will be the supervisor.

I promised my pal Zoe that I would take a picture of my kibbles so she can see the size. Here it is :

This is NOW small breed which is grain free.  I love my food and have no problems with itching or anything.  If the kibble size is too small they also have NOW adult that has bigger kibbles.  I personally prefer the small kibbles.  

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Recent Happenings

I haven't barked in a really long time.  Mommy has been busy working.  She doesn't have to go out of town very often so I haven't been at the kennel since August.  It is wonderful being home all the time.

We finally got the shed installed in the backyard, it made for some real interesting supervising for a few days.  I like running around the shed too.  Here is a picture of me taken today beside the shed:

Mommy also got a backsplash installed in the kitchen.  I had no idea what a backsplash was but I found out!  It is just a bunch of stones glued to the wall.  Peepoles can sure do crazy things sometimes!  I had a couple more real interesting days supervising the glueing of the stones. I doubt you are interested in the stones stuck to the wall but Mommy wants me to show you a picture of it.  Here it is:

We have been having some nice fall weather.  Here is a picture of me taken today guarding my fence line:

Here is another picture of me taken today waiting for my breakfast:

I am a Princess and always have to sit on carpet to eat.

Now I better get going and read your blogs so I can catch up on all the news.

Thursday, 4 September 2014


I haven't barked in forever.  That Mommy of mine is busy at work and doesn't seem to find time to type for me.  It will take me a few entries to catch you pups up on everything.

Right now we have a mystery at my house.  Last Friday when Mommy came home from work there was a little bag on our step with three tomatoes. We have no idea who left it.  Mommy loves toasted tomato sandwiches so she enjoyed those tomatoes.  Then today when she got home there was another little bag with three more tomatoes.  Who is the mystery tomato person?  Thank you Mystery Tomato Person because you make my Mommy happy!  This is a real mystery.........

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Back to Work

Mommy had to go back to work today.  It wasn't too bad because it was an office day and she came home for lunch.  I had a very busy day because the Handyman Guy was at my house building a base to put the shed on.  I spent most of the day watching him and his partner.  When they came too close to the house I barked at them.  They were suppose to come tomorrow to set up the shed but it looks like it is going to rain so they likely won't come.

Tomorrow Mommy has to go out of town to work so it will be a long boring day for me.  I am just happy that she comes home at the end of the day.  She has to drive 1.5 hours away so she has to leave real early.  She is going to think this pup will get up at dark o'clock and do potty.  I don't like getting up at dark o'clock.  

This is what the Handyman guy did today:

Saturday, 16 August 2014

This and That

I have lots of things to bark about today.

First, I am back to my old self after having my teeth cleaned.  Mommy and I started back up with our teeth brushing.  We used to brush my teeth every day but got away from it when Mommy started to work so much out of town.  Now that Mommy isn't away so much we hope to keep up with the brushing.  Mommy bought me my own tooth brush holder and peanut flavoured tooth paste.  I even get my own bathroom for my teeth brushing.  Yep, you heard me right my own bathroom.  You see Mommy always uses the ensuite bathroom but we have another bathroom off the hall that I use for teeth brushing and I share it with company.  I use that bathroom since it has a big counter for me to sit on.  Mommy puts a fluffy pad on the counter for me and lifts me up to sit on the pad and brushes my teeth.  We were surprised to see that my new tooth paste is black.  I seem to like the taste.  The biggest problem is my mouth is so tiny that even with a small tooth brush it is hard to get back to the furthest teeth.

Mommy made a roast beast this week so I have been getting some roast beast in my supper kibbles.  Yummy!  Today Mommy cut up some green beans and put that into my kibble too.  Yummy, yummy!

Mommy has to go back to work on Tuesday.  We have had a great holiday.  Mommy said I will be very busy on Tuesday and Wednesday because those are the days that the handyman guy will put up our new shed.  Our shed is 8' X 10' .  Mommy wants to store lots of the stuff we have in the garage into our shed and then park our car in the garage.  This is what our shed will look like

There will be lots of good barking coming next week.  I am going to be able to watch all the action from my patio doors.  The first day the guy will install the base and the second day he will put up the shed.

Mommy says in a couple of weeks there will be even more barking.  She has arranged to get a backsplash installed in the kitchen.  What is that I wondered?  Mommy showed me 12"X12" pieces of tile that they will glue on the wall.  Boring!  As if you really care but this is the tile

I don't know why she wants to glue all those pieces on the wall but I will enjoy the barking.

That is about all I can think about barking about right now.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

I am Home

I am now home from the vet.  Mommy says I have pearly white teeth!  I am still a little woozy but I should be back to my old self in no time.  Mommy doesn't want me to go on stairs so she has been carrying me up and down.

When Mommy arrived the vet met with Mommy in the exam room.  Mommy was impressed with this ver because most would have just handed me over and not spend the time to get into details considering everything was good.  The vet had a written report for Mommy.  She told Mommy I was a wonderful little dog and she can see how I would be a great companion at home.  :). They said I look like a little gremlin and I am the first affenpinscher they have seen.

This is what is written in the report:

"Jelly was a pleasure to have in the clinic.  She got lots of cuddles from staff while waking up from anaesthetics.  We had no complications with anaesthetics during surgery and woke up well.  Jelly is a sweet little dog!" 

They gave me a tooth brush and some poultry flavoured tooth paste.  I could have thought of better presents but Mommy seemed happy with it.

Here is a picture of what they did to my leg:

You can see they shaved a big spot off my leg.  Mommy says it will grow back.


Help!  I am at the vet office right now and Mommy has abandoned me!  She took me to the vet early this morning and wouldn't even give me breakfast.  Why is she torturing me when I am such a cute pup?  The first thing they did was examine me and suck out all my blood.  Then they are going to make me sleep and clean my teeth.  Mommy is at home waiting to hear how I make out.  What is she doing at home?  I think she should be at the vet with me.  Can any pup rescue me?

Monday, 11 August 2014

Beautiful Outdoor Day

Today is a beautiful outdoor day.  It is going to 27C and there is a gentle breeze.  Mommy said it is suppose to rain for the next couple of days so we are going to enjoy the outdoors today.  We are enjoying our backyard and deck with the awning.  Mommy sits under the shade of the awning and stares at the iPad thingy and the Kindle reader thingy.  Every now and then she will walk around the yard or go inside for a few minutes.  My job is to keep track of Mommy.  Mostly I am enjoying the outdoors too.

Here I am stretched out on the grass

Here I am giving a big smile

Here I am napping under the shade of the awning

Sunday, 10 August 2014

I am Home!

Mommy got home on Thursday as planned.  When she arrived at the kennel I was in the front yard playing with the Kennel Lady.  I saw my Mommy and I couldn't get to her fast enought!  Mommy picked me up and we had lots of hugs and kisses.  I had a real good friend at the kennel, a male Sheltie about my age.  Mommy didn't ask his name so I will call him Sheltie.  We would spend our mornings in the grassed yard sun bathing.  Three times per day we also went for walks together.  He was my very bestest friend.  Sheltie arrived at the kennel the same day as I did and left on the same day too.  There also were two big crazy dogs there,  I of course was the boss of everyone.  

Since I have been home I have been enjoying my backyard and being back together with Mommy.  All my toys are also present and accounted for.  I am sure glad some pup didn't steal them while I was away.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Mommy is coming home

Mommy is coming home on Thursday.  I can't wait!  I only have two more sleeps before I will be with Mommy.  I will get Mommy to type for me so I can bark about my adventures at the kennel.

Mommy and I will have 1.5 weeks together at home before she goes back to work.  She is going to take me to the vet to get my teeth cleaned next week.  Other then that we will have lots of fun together.

I am now going to bed so Thursday will come sooner.......

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Icelandic Festival / Winnipeg Beach

Mommy is really enjoying being a tourist in Manitoba.  Today she went with friends to the Icelandic Festival in Gimli, Manitoba.  Gimli is north of Winnipeg on Lake Manitoba.  It was originally settled by Icelanders.  There were lots of people there with many booths with items for sale and many demonstrations.  One of Mommy's friends had her 12 year old Shepard go to the Rainbow Bridge a couple of weeks ago.  A couple of rescue groups had booths set up and they met a pup called Mushka.  Mommy's friend fell in love with Mushka and is looking into adopting her.  Muska is one year old and is over 80 lbs. Here is a picture of Mushka:

I hope things work out for Mushka and Mommy's friend.  

After they looked all over Gimli they went to Winnipeg beach and had a picnic.  Here are some pictures of Winnipeg Beach:

It was real windy at the beach.

Steinbach Museum Part 2

We have had some questions on Barkfield School.  It was part of Barkfield School Division and was opened in 1919 near Pansy, Manitoba.  In 1919 they had 12 students ages 7 to 14, all in grade one.  Eventually it would have grades 1 to 8.  Grandma would have attended it from 1940 to 1948.  We have pictures of Grandma in the school in those years.  The school looks the same now as in those pictures.  I thought it sounded like an obedience school for pups but Mommy said no.  Maybe I should start a pup school with that name?

Here is a picture of a typical Mennonite house:

Notice the barn is attached to the house.  On the left side is a "summer kitchen".  Mommy remembers Grandma talking a lot about the summer kitchen at her house.  

Mennonites speak low German which is different then German (called high German).  Mommy says she used to visit Grandmas and everyone spoke low German.  They were originally from Holland, moved to Russia and then to Manitoba, Canada.

Here are some of the farm animals at the museum:

Mommy really enjoyed the museum especially being able to compare it to our family tree that she researched.  I wish I could have seen those animals.  It looks like lots of good smells to me!

Friday, 1 August 2014

Steinbach Mennonite Heritage Village Part 1

Mommy is still on vacation in Winnipeg and I am at doggy camp (kennel).  Mommy says she is having a great time visiting with family and friends.  She says she is also doing the tourist thing visiting different places.

Yesderday Mommy went to Steinbach Manitoba which is about 30 minutes east of Winnipeg and visited the Steinbach Mennonite Museum.  It has been at least six years since she had last been there. They have a museum plus a whole little town. In the town are two school houses, one of which Mommy's mother attended.  Her mother went to that little one room school for grades 1 to 9.  Here are some pictures Mommy took:

Here is the Main Street of the town.

The above two pictures are a sod house that would be similar to what Mommy's Great Grandparents would have lived in.

This is the windmill that was used to grind the grain to make flour.  You can buy flour that was made here.

This was Grandmas school.

This is Mommy teaching school. BOL!

These are more pictures of the school.

Mommy remembers her Mommy talking about the school.  There were grades 1 to 9 all in the same room.  She started school one year late because she was going to be the only kid in grade one.  By starting a year later there were three kids in grade one.  She also talked about how they were suppose to speak English at the school but they mostly spoke low German unless the school inspector was there.

I will post some more pictures of the village next time.

Monday, 21 July 2014


Mommy is now on vacation for four weeks.  We have had a real nice few days just being at home.  We have been enjoying our retractable awning.  On Thursday Mommy is going on the big flying machine to Winnipeg.  I wish I could go but I have to go to the kennel.  I am really good at flying but I still can't go. Mommy says when she gets home she will still have 1.5 weeks of vacation that we can enjoy together.

My pal Zoe showed us a picture of her sunset a few days or weeks or years ago.  I thought I would show you a picture of my sunset.

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Nice Day Outside

Today has been a pretty good day.  It is nice and sunny so Mommy said we better enjoy the outdoors since it is suppose to be raining tomorrow.  This morning Mommy cranked down our awning so we had nice shade on the deck.  Without the awning we would not be able to sit out there for long.  It is quiet with no worker guys and very few people walking by.  I patrolled the perimeter of my property and barked at some pups and I watched the neighbours doing some watering.  Now I am exhausted and I am sleeping under the shade of the awning.  Here I am :

Friday, 11 July 2014

Shine On Award

I was nominated by my pal Mr. Jack Freckles for a Shine On award.  Thank-you Mr. JF!  Just like the Liester Award I am slow in getting to it because of my incompetent secretary.  Anyways, I have to give you seven random facts about myself.

1. My favourite toy is my purple loofa dog.  I got that toy when I was just a small puppy and I love it.  Mommy is worried that the cloth is getting so thin that all the stuffing will start coming out.  Mommy has bought me new loofa dogs but they are not as good as the purple one.

2. I don't chew my toys and I have every toy that I ever got.  Sometimes the squeaks wear out but they are never ripped or chewed.  I am a smart pup and when I want to chew I chew the chew bones.

3.  I know lots of my toys my name.  My Mommy asks me to get a certain toy and I always bring her the right one. 

4. I like to have company when I eat and I won't eat my kibbles without Mommy.  In the morning Mommy puts down my kibbles but I don't touch them until Mommy has her breakfast ready and then we eat together.  I do the same thing at supper time.  I love eating and watching Mommy eat at the same time.

5.  My favourite game is "I am going to get you".  Mommy says those words and I ran like the wind.  Mommy tries to catch me but she never can.  I eventually roll over on my back and Mommy rubs my tummy and says, "Tickle, tickle".  I then jump up and Mommy says, "I am going to get you".  It starts the whole game again.  It is fun, fun, fun.

6.  Another fun game that I do is "Kick you in the butt" game.  Mommy says, "I am going to kick you in the butt"  and I run to Mommy and swing my butt into her.  She gives me a gentle tap on the butt with her foot and I run like the wind.

7.  I know what pee-pee pads are for.  I rarely use them but if I have to pee-pee or poopy when I am alone in the house I will always use the pad.  One time I had diaharria about five times during the day.  I was able to get five small piles on the one pee-pee pad (my piles are small since I am only 8 lbs) and not step on any of them.  Mommy said that takes talent.  :)

I hope you enjoyed these facts about me. 

Liester Award

I got nominated by Mr. Jack Freckles for a Liester Award a few days, weeks or years ago.  Thank-you Mr. JF!  My Mommy is not a very good secretary and is just getting to it now.  Something about not liking to copy and paste on the iPad but now that she is on a desk top she will do it.  Whatever......   At least I am getting it done.  Sorry about it being late but better late than never is my motto.  So here it goes:

 Here are my answers to the questions:

1. What is your Nickname?
I have lots of nicknames.  They include: Jell, Jelly-Belly, Crazy Pup

2. Do you like your furblings if you have any?
I have no furblings and I am not sure if I want any.  It would be fine as long as they didn't get any attention from Mommy.

 3. What do you do when the phone rings?
Absolutely nothing.  Now the door bell is a totally different story.  I run barking like crazy to the door.

 4. Do you evfur howl?
Nope, I don't howl.

 5. Do you dream?
Yep, I dream.  My legs move, my toes wiggle and I bark.  Mommy thinks I am chasing bunnies and squirrels.

 6. Who is your fave unfur in your furmily, your Mom, your Dad, or an unfurbling?( or someone else?)
My Mommy!  I just love my Mommy.

 7. Did you evfur get in trouble using your teeth?
Only once when I was a puppy.  I started to chew the Deacon's bench at the front door.  Mommy caught me right away so there are only a few tooth marks in it.

 8. Where is your fave place to go to visit?
I love going to a cottage at the lake.  I also love going for walks in the park. I love going for car rides with Mommy anywhere.  Going to Magic Window places is fun too. 

 9. Are you allowed to run free anywhere?
I have a fenced in yard so I get to run like the wind in the yard. Fun, fun, fun!

 10. Do you sleep curled up in a ball, or stretched out?
I do both but mostly I curl up.  It is about 75% curl up and 25% stretch out.

I hope you enjoy my answers.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Terrible Day

I had a terrible day today.  A few weeks or years or something ago we had a big water main break right by our house.  Today the worker guys came to fix our street.  They are very noisy and I just hate all the noise and banging.  Those worker guys started at 7:30 am and woke me and Mommy up.  They kept going until 6:00 pm.  It was just horrible!  Here is a picture of me not wanting to move from the deck and the security of being close to Mommy:

Here are some pictures of the worker guys;

Right now it is so peaceful with them gone.  We heard them say they will be back tomorrow.  I am in for another bad day!

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Busy Day

I had a good day today.  In the morning I stayed home and got to supervise the road construction guys.  We had a big waterman blow out on the side of our house one of the weeks when I was at the kennel.  Today the construction guys came to start repairing the road.  It was very noisy when Mommy came home for lunch so she decided it would be better for me to spend the afternoon in her office.  I did get to sleep while Mommy sat at her desk and stared at paper and the computer screen and shuffled paper around.  Mommy did take breaks and took me outside to sniff around on the grass.  When we got home we couldn't get into our driveway.  I bet you are blaming the road construction guys but that was not it.  Mommy arranged for some other worker guys to come and seal our asphalt driveway.  It now looks black and shiny but it really stinks.  

The worker guys that put up our awnings came back this week and installed little white poles to support the awning in the wind.  Here is a picture:

See the little white poles in the front?

Mommy wants me to ask a question for her.  It will be boring so just bear with me a bit. Mommy knows nothing about plants.  The peepoles before us grew herbs.  We removed the garden but still have a few small beds.  All kinds of things are growing and Mommy has no idea what it is.  For all we know the plants are nothing but weeds.  Mommy wants me to show you a few pictures so you can show them to your peepoles and maybe they know what the plants are.  The rabbits are not eating them so they likely aren't any good.  Anyways here are the pictures:

This grew from nothing real quick

What are those big leaves?  We have them in a few places.

What is that spindly thing.  It grew from nothing.  Mommy thinks it might be a weed.  As you can see Mommy is pathetic when it comes to plants.

Now it is time to get back to me.  Here is a picture of me guarding my yard this evening: