Thursday, 6 November 2014


I am back at the kennel.  Mommy traveled to Winnipeg today and took me to the kennel last night.  There are only two of us at the kennel right now, me and one cute little pug girl.  I know we are going to have a great time playing , going for walks and having treats.  This is the best kennel place that I have ever been too.  

My Mommy is not a morning person so it was hard on her having to get up at 4 am today to get to the airport.  She got delayed in Toronto because the airplane had some fluid leaks.  They had to sit on the tarmac for an hour waiting for the repairs.  She is now in Winnipeg.

I will be at the kennel for a week.  A whole week of fun is in front of me!


  1. Have a good time at da kennel, Jelly!!

  2. At least I got to have a staycation with pawppy...though he doesn't think of it as vacation at all, BOL!

    Enjoy your pug playmate!