Sunday, 6 April 2014

First Walk

Mommy took me on my first walk outside since she broke her foot.  It was wonderful to be out and sniffing around and looking at the sights.  Mommy says that things look different from walking then just driving by.  We didn't go far, one block one way and back and then another block in a different direction and back.  Mommy said we will gradually increase our walking distances which sounds great to me.  We walked by the new houses that look like old houses.  They have front porches and tiny lots and are advertised as"the new urbanism".  Here is a picture that was taken last fall:

We walked by these very houses although there is still some snow so it looked a little different.  I don't really care where we walk as long as we walk.

Saturday, 5 April 2014

My New Jewelry

Today Mommy had to work.  She got up at dark o'clock .  I don't like getting up at dark o'clock especially on a Saturday. I hope we get to sleep in on Sunday.

 On the way home Mommy stopped at a store for me.  She bought a bag of my kibbles (NOW small breed), some small little soft treats that I love and a pretty pink piece of jewelry for my collar.  I didn't get it when Mommy said I will only wear my jewelry outside in the dark.  I soon found out what that is about.  My jewelry has a battery in it and it can be turned on to shine a light.  Mommy says she has trouble seeing me running around in the yard when it is dark even when the outside light is on.  We tried it tonight and it works great.  Mommy can see the light glow everywhere I go in the yard.  Here is my jewelry :

Friday, 4 April 2014

Nice Lunch

Mommy has been busy, busy working and hasn't been typing for me.  It is nice that she doesn't have to stay away overnight any more.  Her office is only 2 km away from our house.  When Mommy is having an office day she comes home for lunch.  It is wonderful.  Today Mommy came home for lunch. We got to have left over roast beast.  Mommy had a roast beast sandwich and I had roast beast in my kibble.  I even got to play some games.  When Mommy went back to work I was ready for my afternoon nap.  Tomorrow she has an 8 am meeting.  Who in their right mind would have an 8 am meeting on Saturday???  Mommy is not a morning person so she is going to have a tough time tomorrow.  Mommy is taking Monday off because it is her birthday.  I think she is going to be about a million years old or something.  It will be a great day because we are getting new window coverings installed.  I know it sounds boring but it will make for lots of good barking.