Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Back to Work

Things have sure been busy around here for the past week for Mommy but pretty boring for me.  Mommy went back to work last week for the first time since breaking her foot.  She was off work for a whole 9 months.  I didn't like the first 3 months because Mommy was in the hospital.  The last 6 months have been wonderful because Mommy was home with me.  Now that she is back to work she is always running out and working crazy hours.  Tonight she has an evening meeting out of town and won't get home until late.  At least she is home now for a couple of hours to give me a break.

This morning Mommy picked up our new Affiemobile.  It is called Edge.  I better get a ride to a magic window place.  Here is the new Affiemobile:

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Sucky Machine's Friend

I have a new monster at my house.  The worst monster is the sucky machine and as you pups may know I hate the sucky machine!  I stay totally out of its way because it could suck up a small pup like me.  To make matters worse the sucky machine now has a friend.  This new monster hisses and lets out steam and Mommy calls it steam mop.  Every Saturday these monsters come out.  The sucky machine goes all over the house with Mommy at its side.  Next comes the steam mop.  Mommy always gives it a big drink of water before she starts.  That steam mop gets so angry that it starts hissing and steaming right after the drink.  I think it doesn't like the water.  The steam mop runs around the kitchen, bathrooms and front entrance.  Mommy seems to like the steam mop.  I just stay out of its way.  Do any of you pups have a monster like steam mop?


Do any of you pups have trouble with your reading list not showing up?  Ours seems to not show up about 25% of the time.  This makes it hard for me to follow the activities of all my pals. :(

I think spring might actually be here, I hope.  It is so nice and warm and the snow is melting.  This means lots of wet dirty feet for me.  We have a garden and Mommy says as soon as that mud is exposed I will likely have to go out on a leash.  :(. She said we are going to sod over the garden since she won't have time to maintain it and it will only be a big weed patch and a mud hole for me to run through.  I want to keep the garden because I like running in mud.  Anyways to help the mud and wet situation we are trying a special mat at the door.  Here it is:

Mommy said I am going to have to do sit-stays on the mat.  I am pretty good at doing sit-stays.

This mat is suppose to soak up 7 times it's weight in mud and water.  Has any pup ever tried a mat like this?

Friday, 14 March 2014

Barking Morning/New Collar

This morning Mommy got up real early so I knew something was up.  Mommy and I are not morning peepoles/pups so we only get up early when we have to.  Sure enough it wasn't long before the doorbell rang. Bark, bark, bark, bark..........  Two guys came in and went downstairs to see the Octane thingy.  Mommy said it was making a grinding noise.  Bark, bark, bark, bark, bark....... I made sure those guys didn't steal any of my basement toys.  Bark, bark, bark, bark, bark........  Finally they left and Mommy said the Octame thingy was fixed.  Mommy then went out shopping while I did my morning sunbathing.  Mommy came home with some bags and one was for me.  She bought me some of my Zukes peanut butter treats and a new collar.  My old collar is starting to get a bit tight so Mommy thought I would be more comfortable with a bigger collar.  The collar I wear is a rolled leather collar.  Mommy says she prefers a rolled leather collar over a nylon collar because it doesn't make the collar mark around the neck.  She says it goes back to her show dog days because she always used rolled collars on the show dogs.  I have some nylon collars but Mommy wanted a rolled leather collar.  My new collar is burgundy just like the old one.  Here is my new collar:

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Car Ride

This morning Mommy asked me if I wanted to go for a car ride.  I was so excited because I haven't been for a car ride in about 3 months.  Mommy brought out my Sherpa bag and I jumped right in.  We drove just a short distance and Mommy stopped and carried me into a building.  I knew it was a vet clinic as soon as we walked in.  I have always had positive experiences at vet clinics so I didn't mind. There was a little pug sitting on her Mommy's lap in the waiting room.  The lady weighted me on a scale and asked Mommy some personal questions about me.  She asked my age, what my poopies are like, how I am eating, do I cough, do I throw up, what is my energy level etc etc.......  Then we sat and sat in the waiting room.  There was only one vet and they were having an emergency delivery of Pom pups.  Mommy finally said we had to leave because she had another appointment but we would be back.  Mommy had an appointment on the same street at the foot doctor place.  I waited in the car when Mommy went for her appointment.  Mommy wasn't very long and we were back at the vet in about 40 minutes.  They took us right in.  The vet was a nice lady and she looked me all over.  She said everything is good.  I was due for all my shots this year except for rabies.  I got two needles and I stood perfectly still and didn't feel a thing.  Then she shot some liquid in my mouth and told Mommy that was for kennel cough.  We are used to the liquid up the nose for kennel cough and had never seen the liquid in the mouth.  The liquid in the mouth was much better then trying to get all that fluid up my little nose.  After that the vet lady gave me a treat which was yummy.  Mommy went to the front counter and stuck her plastic card in a little machine and punched some buttons.  After that we loaded up in the car.  Mommy stopped and got gas and we went home.  I am now sleeping on my chaise lounge since I didn't get my regular afternoon nap.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Snow Storm!

We have a winter storm warning where I live.  I just can't believe it because it was so nice today.  It was sunny and the snow was melting like crazy.  Starting tonight we are suppose to get a storm with heavy snow and reduced visibility.  We are suppose to get 15 to 25 cm of snow.  That is over 10 inches!  Mommy says not to worry because we have everything in the house that we need and we can just have a nice day at home.  It may be nice for Mommy but she doesn't have to do her potty outside in all that snow.  I wonder if Notme is going to visit tomorrow?   He does tend to show up for bad weather.

Handy Man Guy Was Back

I had an exciting morning because the handyman guy came again.  I got to bark at him when he arrived.  I am getting to know him so I settled down quickly and spent my time watching him work.  Mommy had him install a window over top of the window in the front door.  This new window has a built in mini blind.  On the side panel Mommy got him to put on some privacy film. It was a bit tricky and needed the two of them.  I will show you what I mean.  This is the original door:

These are pictures of the door after the new overtop window and privacy film is installed:

In the first picture the blind is down with the mini blinds open, the second picture has the mini blinds  closed.  The third picture has the whole blind up.  Mommy thinks this is a good window covering solution for the steel door.

Monday, 10 March 2014

Basement Fun

I am downstairs in the basement right now.  Mommy was on her Octane bike pedalling to no where and flapping her arms.  Boring!  I played with toys which was much more exciting and fun.  Mommy took some pictures that I want to share with you.

Here I am playing with my reindeer dog.  My tail is wagging so fast that it is just a blur!

These are my basement toys.  Let's see what is in here.........

Lots of fun toys here.  Do you want to come and play with me?

This is Mommy's Octane bike.  She petals like crazy and it never moves.  I don't get it!

I am going upstairs now.  Bark at you later pups.

Test the IPad Blogger App

I am now testing out my new free blogger app for iPad.  

First I will add a photo:

This is me sun bathing.  

Here is another photo:

Here I am on my deck.

Wow, this app is working!  I can now intermingle pictures and words on my iPad.  Thanks Zaidie for suggesting an app!

Now I will publish this and see what it looks like.

Hi Pups

Hi pups!  I haven't barked in a long time, all my typist's fault!  I would fire her if she wasn't my Mommy.

I thought I would start with this post being some pictures of me in my backyard.  This one is me that shows the neighbours chain link fence and the start of the wood fence.  Mommy shovels out for me
but I still go in the deep snow.  The second picture is me standing in the garden.  You can see by the
tomato plant cages that I am standing on lots of snow. There is a picture of me sniffing around at the grass where all the snow is melted.  Then there is a picture of me on the deck where I can see lots of things.  Just over the fence is the community mailboxes, I love barking at the peepoles and pups that go there.

I have to put all my pictures in a row because if wouldn't let me intermingle them with writing when we use our iPad.  We can intermingle them when we are on the regular computer but not the iPad.  Mommy says there has to be a way and she just doesn't know what to do.