Thursday, 26 June 2014

Busy Day

I had a good day today.  In the morning I stayed home and got to supervise the road construction guys.  We had a big waterman blow out on the side of our house one of the weeks when I was at the kennel.  Today the construction guys came to start repairing the road.  It was very noisy when Mommy came home for lunch so she decided it would be better for me to spend the afternoon in her office.  I did get to sleep while Mommy sat at her desk and stared at paper and the computer screen and shuffled paper around.  Mommy did take breaks and took me outside to sniff around on the grass.  When we got home we couldn't get into our driveway.  I bet you are blaming the road construction guys but that was not it.  Mommy arranged for some other worker guys to come and seal our asphalt driveway.  It now looks black and shiny but it really stinks.  

The worker guys that put up our awnings came back this week and installed little white poles to support the awning in the wind.  Here is a picture:

See the little white poles in the front?

Mommy wants me to ask a question for her.  It will be boring so just bear with me a bit. Mommy knows nothing about plants.  The peepoles before us grew herbs.  We removed the garden but still have a few small beds.  All kinds of things are growing and Mommy has no idea what it is.  For all we know the plants are nothing but weeds.  Mommy wants me to show you a few pictures so you can show them to your peepoles and maybe they know what the plants are.  The rabbits are not eating them so they likely aren't any good.  Anyways here are the pictures:

This grew from nothing real quick

What are those big leaves?  We have them in a few places.

What is that spindly thing.  It grew from nothing.  Mommy thinks it might be a weed.  As you can see Mommy is pathetic when it comes to plants.

Now it is time to get back to me.  Here is a picture of me guarding my yard this evening:

Monday, 23 June 2014

More Rabbits

Today I saw the funniest thing!  It seems that Mommy has decided to chase rabbits.  Everytime I went out there was always at least one rabbit to chase.  Today Mommy went out before me and chased the rabbits. It was funny because the rabbits are not scared of her.  She waves her hands and stomps her feet and tells them to "shoo".  They just look at her and slowly hop away.  This is contrasted by when I go out they jump away like greased lightening!  Mommy says she worries that I might catch a rabbit so she wants to make sure they are all gone before I come out.  She says they are used to peepoles and are not scared of her.  She said the next time she will be out there swinging a broom!  That should be real funny!  Just let me out and watch them run!  Peepoles are hopeless at catching rabbits!

Saturday, 21 June 2014


We are being invaded and this invader has even got me in trouble.  Here is the invader and number 1 enemy:

This creature has been digging under our fence and has got me blamed for some of it.  Between this invader and the birds we got no strawberries from our strawberry patch.  I am on guard and chase them away.  

Today I chased a few rabbits out of my yard as well as numerous birds.  A kitty even came into my yard and I chased him away too.  This is one tough job!  I think I need some help.  If some of you pups can come to my house then we can guard my yard in shifts.  That will show those rabbits!

Friday, 20 June 2014


Today has been a real interesting day.  Two worker guys came this morning and installed our retractable awning.  I was outside and supervised the whole job.  Mommy can make the awning come out and also make it crawl back into its shell.  I already love the awning because it makes really nice shade.  Here are some pictures of the awning:

This is so nice!

My supervisor duties are not over yet.  Mommy decided to get some bracing poles installed for the end of the awning so the wind won't damage it.  The worker guys will be back in a couple of hours to do that.  I see lots of fun and relaxing times ahead this summer for me and Mommy.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014


Today is an anniversary day for us.  It isn't a good one but Mommy says we can be happy that it is all behind us.  One year ago on June 18th my Mommy broke her foot.  This started a three month stay in the hospital for Mommy and a three month stay at the kennel for me.  In total Mommy was off work for nine months.  It was a long grind but we made it through.  I hope we can just forget about it now.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014


Mommy was getting upset with me digging under the fence and actually digging on the fence.  She said she would fix me and look what she did:

Those are exercise panels that we had.  Now I can't dig underneath ot scratch the fence.  if it was wet I would get real muddy digging and it was lots of fun.  You can buy special dog windows for fences and Mommy said she would consider it.  I think I need a couple of dog windows in my fence so I can see the action.  Here is a picture we found.  Can't you just see my little head in the window?  

Monday, 16 June 2014

Happy Fathers Day

Yesterday was Fathers Day.  I don't have a peepoles Dad but I have a peepoles Grandpa.  He lives millions and millions of miles away in Winnipeg.  Mommy said I could send him a gift.  What do you buy a Grandpa who has everything?  Yummies of course.  I sent Grandpa a fruit arrangement.  Some of the fruit is even chocolate coated which peepoles love but it is not good for pups.  With the arrangement I also sent a big helium filled Fathers Day balloon.  This is the arrangement that I sent:

Keeping Busy

I have been very busy since I barked at you last.  Last week Mommy went to the Resort Place for work (Jelly chokes). I was at the kennel.  I had a great time but don't tell Mommy.  The peepoles took me for lots of walks, fed me good food and gave me lots of attention.  I got to chase squirrels and rabbits too.  I enjoyed getting the three big dogs in trouble.  The big dogs would bark like crazy idiots and the kennel man would yell at them to be quiet.  When they were quiet I did my quiet growls and jumped around and got them going crazy again.  They would bark like a bunch of fools and get in trouble again.  Those crazy pups never learnt and just kept on getting into trouble. It was quite amusing. 

I got home on Friday.  This weekend Mommy put all the chairs out on the deck.  I love it because this means Mommy is outside more and I get to be in the back yard.  There are lots of rabbits around my place and I love chasing them.  We are just amazed how they can slip through the chain link fence.  Mommy says they must be all fluff because they look far too big to fit through.  I love guarding the fence line in my yard.  The fence that is along the street requires the most work because the peepoles and pups walk along there.  Here are some pictures of me taken just a couple of minutes ago:

Who is walking by?

Tuesday, 3 June 2014


We thought you would want to see a couple of pictures of the kennels where I stay.  It is a building just behind the house and only has 10 runs.  It is heated, has radiant floor heating and air conditioning.  It is just kept spotless .  Here is the kennel:

This and That

Mommy came and bailed me out of the kennel place on Saturday.  I am getting those kennel peepoles wrapped around my paw. They took me for walks and even had me sitting outside with them visiting with their company.  In the kennel there was me, a lab and a boxer.  I laid the law down to those pups right away and they knew I am the boss.  The kennel peepoles told Mommy that those two pups were scared to walk by my kennel run.  They thought it was funny to see a big lab and a big boxer scared of all 8 lbs of me.  I see nothing funny about it since it is just the way it should be, I am the boss.

Mommy was late picking me up on Saturday because she got caught in the traffic jam on the 401 in Toronto after an accident.  The whole east bound was closed and it took Mommy 1.5 hours to get around it.  That is one big traffic jam!

Sunday was real funny.  Mommy and I were out in the yard when a rabbit appeared.  I saw the rabbit before Mommy did and I took off after it.  Mommy was concerned that I might get the rabbit cornered and end up fighting it.  My breed standard says I am suppose to be fearless and I am.  I wish I had my ibone taping this event because there was a rabbit running, me chasing the rabbit and Mommy trying to run behind me calling my name. It was too funny!  The rabbit managed to get away so all ended well for the rabbit.  BOL!  That rabbit may not be so lucky next time!

Mommy said she had a meeting today at the City Hall in Kingston.  She said it is a beautiful old building in a beautiful location right on the water.  They were sitting at an antique table with antique chairs that date back to Sir John A MacDonald.  For you American pups, Sir John A MacDonald was our first Prime Minister and Kingston was the capital of Canada for a short time.  The peepoles told Mommy that Sir John A MacDonald likely sat at that table and may have even sat on the chair that Mommy was sitting on.  I know this is boring but Mommy found it interesting.